Help-photo Pass Cd


Please help me! Our 30 days is up SOON and I want to order the photo pass cd for $99. And I can’t find the website! Anyone know the link???


I’ve got my card right here… it’s .



I couldn’t find the $99 cd deal on there. Isn’t it a separate website??


Oh sorry. I didn’t know about that offer. I did a quick search, and on another forum they were saying it wasn’t available online… but it could be they are wrong?



I found the site on another message board finally! I knew that I had read you could buy this by mail now!!


Thanks for posting the link! We have several pics that we want, and this is better deal than ordering print copies and is my preferred format.



You can order the photomovie for $49.95 which has up to 68 pictures on it! You can even download some of yours if you would like. I think that my kids will love this and we will watch it!!!


That’s a new policy.

When we were at the parks in February, they specificially told us the CD couldn’t be ordered on-line. For my money, our digital camera photos were a much better value (Only took 400 pics this trip!)