Help purchasing a WDW CD or two


Ok…I know I should know where to get this, but I don’t. There’s a WDW pack that is a double CD if I remember and it’s lots of songs from the park. I think it was released in late 2003 or 2004. What is the cheapest way to get my hands on this CD without walking into a park?

Also, I would love to get the Illuminations CD. Similar question.

Thank you


Here are some. :smile:


If you don’t get these by october, let me know and I will grab them for you while I am in WDW> :heart:


didn’t WDW have a merchandise line at some point? Does this still exist and can items be ordered from it?

Thanks for the offer Dana…I may take you up on it…I just hate paying the higher prices out of the parks, although I understand why they are higher.


I think there is a number you call for WDW merchandise. I know it’s on this site somewhere. Try a search for park merchandise. Let me know about grabbing it in October. It wouldn’t be a problem…I have grabbed stuff for people on here before., :heart:


Yes, there is a mail order number, it’s 1.407.363.6200


I knew someone had it. Thanks DT!!!


You’re welcome, Dana! I’ve used the number a couple of times and the CMs are so helpful. I don’t always know what I want but they work to figure it out.


Thanks for the number! I’ll have to save that! I got the Offcial CD of Walt Disney World for $33 (with shipping). Not bad. I’ll probably hold out on the Illuminations CD. Thanks for the help.