HELP! Resume for DLP?!


Okay…so Im applying to work at DLP and it says I need to write out a resume, yet Im quite unsure what to write in it?? Is it like a standard CV with your details, former employers, work experience, qualifications and references or do resumes need to include any acting or similar experiences to what Im applying to do (character parade performances) ? I have a little acting experience which I could put in and also my love for Disney, the job requires no experience so Im sure they wont be put off at the fact I have little experience in this kind of role.
Any opinions and advice asap would be a great help!! Thanks :smile:


You’re right, a resume is like a standard CV, however, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to add a covering letter where you can express in more detail your desire to work for the company- do you have any French language skills? Even if its just to GCSE level put it in. Sell yourself, and lots of luck and pixie dust to you!


Good luck with your application… why not goggle “resume” for some tips and ideas.
also there may be some interview tips on youtube.:mickey:


My curiousity is up. What’s a “CV?”


Curriculum vitae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
We call a resume a CV it stands for Curriculum Vitae- much easier to say resume, but course we have to be different!


“Curriculum vitae” you give it to places you want to work for telling them all your good points and qualifications


It’s Latin for ‘The course of my life’


Thank you for your help, yeah I attached a cover letter with it also. Strangely enough speaking French wasnt listed as a MUST but I put in that Im still slightly familiar with it haha. Just sold myself as best as I could, just gunna sit tight with my fingers crossed and hope for a response now, thanks hehe :smile:


[QUOTE=jimbo;1043978]Good luck with your application… why not goggle “resume” for some tips and ideas.
also there may be some interview tips on youtube.:mickey:[/QUOTE]

Thank you i just finished completing it and thats exactly what I did haha, googled how to write out a good resume and it came up with a layout and tips etc so I hope I did a good job!


Yes, sorry I forgot the majority of people on here arent from Britain aha, thanks to everyone who answered for me! :smiley:
and Dixie, I didnt know that it stood for that in Latin, thats actually a really good little fact to know :slight_smile: I LIKE IT heh


Good luck!


Thank you :} I hope something comes from applying for it!


I don’t have any advice, but I just wanted to say good luck!! :happy:


Thank Youuu :slight_smile: