Help! Should we take the cruise?


So we’re trying to make a decision about our 2010 vacation… we’ve gone to DW 3 years in a row, always in Sept. during free dining. In addition we’ve still been doing our week in Myrtle Beach, SC in July. Since the kids are getting older & it’s becoming more difficult to take them out of school, I’m thinking maybe we’ll just do one vacation in July or August & MAYBE we’ll cruise with Disney. I’ve heard it’s all the magic of DW but a totally new, fun experience. Any thoughts? All feedback/advice appreciated-- best time to go, how to get the best deal, do we need 5 days or 7+ days… I’m sure it’s going to cost a small fortune so any budget tips would be great! :wub:


Yes! The Disney cruise was amazing! Keeping checking Disney Cruise Line sometimes they have deals. The price of our cruise dropped before final payment and they gave us the lower rate.


Thanks! I’ve ordered the planning DVD from the Disney website. We booked our 1st DW trip on our own but used our AAA agent for the past 2- are the online travel sites (Expedia, Orbitz, etc.) any better? just trying to determine if we can afford it…:confused:


Watch for deals with Disney. Last year they had a kids sail free promo. Some TAs will give you a $500 stateroom credit, but they can’t do too much with the price (I believe Disney prohibits it).

I recommend the cruise 110%. It is all the magic of Disney with none of the stress. We have not yet gone on a cruise shorter than 7 days. I think it is worth it to go that long. Next year will will be going on a 4 day on the new ship because that is the longest it goes.

I would pick up the Passporter for DCL. It is a great and fun read and will tell you everything you need to know about DCL.

I hope you go for it!!


Oh, I think this summer the longest you could do is 4 days, maybe 5 on the Disney Wonder. The Disney Magic will be sailing in Europe. You could combine your cruise with some time at WDW. Or you could (gasp) go on another cruise line. I have heard Royal Carribbean has some great prices and is enjoyed by the older set just as much. Check out for reviews of all of the lines.


We cruised for the first time last year and just loved it! It wasn’t a Disney cruise it was a Royal Caribbean, but now not only do we have the Disney bug we have the cruising bug too!


I totally agree


We’re doing the 3 day from sept. 2-5th. Come join us !!! We went last year and it was a blast!!!


So was 3 days long enough? We’re still at the “fact-finding” stage of planning & length of trip will surely play a large part of the decision, especially if we’re foregoing our week a the beach for the cruise…


We are doing the Disney Cruise for the first time on 2/14…4 night Disney Wonder. I can’t wait! I think I’m starting a Presidents week tradition.

I booked the 4 night Disney Dream for Presidents week 2011. I really can’t wait for that one!

As of now, the Dream will be doing 3 night, 4 night and 5 night cruises.

Happy planning! :happy:


Um… I am not sure why there is a question ;)… Just kidding… If you can do it- go! It will be fun, people rave about it, It is Disney and you have never done it… I say if you think you want to, and can afford it- then go!!!


Of course it wasn’t long enough…I used all the DVC points I had. Seriously, if you can afford more, go longer. If not, three days was great for us. We’ll do a 7 day for sure when they move the ships to the west coast next year.


Just came off our first Disney cruise a few weeks ago. We did a 4 night cruise on the Wonder followed by a 3 night stay at WDW. Before we even departed the boat we started planning when we could do another Disney cruise. It was great!! My sister and I enjoyed ourselves as did my daughter almost 13 and my niece who is 6!


I always bargain shop. I leave for my Disney cruise Thursday, and the promotion was that kids sailed free at the time. The price difference between booking the same trip via Disney and thru Expedia was over 1000.00$. I love Disney, but I love a bargain.:laugh:


Sounds great! Any budget planning tips? We’re not DVC members :eek: but sucker for a good deal!


Where are you cruising to? My AAA travel agent said they only offer the kids sail free promotion on Mediterranean cruises… I’ll definitely be checking the other sites - we’re thinking we need a 7 day - makes the most sense cost-wise…


We went to the Bahamas