Help talk me into Rose and Crown


We are really considering eating there, but only if we can get an outside table with a view of Illuminations (which I know there is no guarantee on) What does everyone think of the food there, and can you describe it or compare to anything else?


I have eaten there and unfortuneatly it wasn’t anything special …but if you can get a seat with a good view then it will be OK go in with low expectations and you probably will enjoy it that much more ,sometimes recommendations can be misleading we, many years ago we were recommended to the living seas restaraunt {I hope that is the name}and were terribly disappointed …so to to each their own… lets just say it wassn’t terrible …now the french restaraunts are something else both are very good


We’ve been able to get a waterside table every time we went to R&C, with the exception of this last trip in August. We were initially disappointed, but as it turned out, we were better off, as it rained just before Illuminations.

But after dinner, the have a reserved outdoor seating section for those diners who were inside. The view was just as good as if our whole meal had been outside.

And, FYI, we LOVE the food at the R&C. So far, everything we’ve tried we’ve liked.


I like the food very much at R&C. They have usual British fare; Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding:Steak and Leek Pie;Shepherd’s Pie;Fish&Chips! Definately try for an outside table. Illuminations! is great from there!


I had the cottage pie last time. It was really, really good. I only have had that home made before, so I didn’t think it would compare, but it did.


I love Rose & Crown! I’ve only eaten there once but the food is great. Me and my family all got different things and shared a little, and everything was wonderful. Definitely a place to try! :slight_smile:


I love the motto of Rose and Crown
Otium cum dignitatae


The food at R&C. If you can not get an outside table, we have sat up on the bridge after to watch Illuminations.


We made ADR’s for 7:15 PM & will wait for an outside table to see Illuminations, but I’m just wondering… is the view really all that good? I’ve never been to that part of Epcot & I don’t know the set-up. Will there be people standing in front of us blocking our view if we are seated at a table?
I’ve heard the food is good, so I’m not too worried about that.


If you do get that outside table there will be no one blocking your view. All the tables are set up so you can watch Illuminations while sitting/eating.
I’ve see Illuminations many times, and the best view I’ve had was from our outdoor table at R&C.


Hey Tigger - thanks for the thread, I’m taking notes from her for my trip…


There’s no one blocking your view even if you eat inside and go to the outside viewing area for the show. I don’t think there IS a better view, and we also went on the Illuminations cruise.


WOW, thanks guys, I sure hope I can get an outside table. I really think that as long as my DS can hold out & is not too hungry we’ll wait until an outside table comes available.


That is what I had too! I loved it! My “VERY PICKY” 10 year old son also loves the potato leek soup at R&C. I’d give it a try, patio or not.


We go there every year for my birthday and light show. Its awesome and they are pretty accomidating with seating. Were down there in Feb. and it can get could. DW always has the fish and chips and I have th Bangers and Mash!!! Oh yeah!, the black & tans are plentiful. I always have a yard or two…


Gotta say this little bit of ‘home’ is always on our to do list. I must be honest, when we first ate there we were disappointed with the fish and chips ( really did not taste like what we truly have over here in the uk but w went back for another try and had sausage and mash and that was delish!!! Great beer, great food, great service. You will love it Patio or not!


:heart: I love the bangers and mash!!! :heart:
My DW said she liked the Fish & Chips line outside better.
I know there probably the same, just taste better on side I guess.


Thank you all for you help ! I think we will stick with it !!!


They have an appetizer that is some type of mushroom melody. Sorry I can not remember the name, but it was WONDERFUL. And the chocolate guiness cake was great!! Have fun!