Help us choose our 1st night dinner/activity!


This Friday evening we will be arriving into MCO at 4:45 pm, boarding our Magical Express bus to Boardwalk, checking in and at that point I think we will be so H-U-N-G-R-Y!!! So our options are located in the poll, what do you think we should do for the evening?

PS: if we arrive at MCO at 4:45pm, what time would YOU estimate we can hit the road running after checking-in and dropping our bags REAL FAST? hehehe.

It might affect your answer to know; we have annual passes so going into a park won’t matter, the dining plan won’t be effetive until the next day when we re-check in for our DVC reservations so we are paying for dinner cash, and ummm I am sure we will be SUPER hungry!!! :happy:


The Big River Grille and Brewery.We ate there in October. The food and service was magnificent.:laugh:


Beaches and Cream sounds like so much fun! Although, the first night is always the hardest to tell…I always make Dave go to DTD and then 30 minutes after we get there we are soooooooo sleepy we always turn around and go right back to the hotel…so my real answer is wing it…and see what you really feel like in that moment!


Big River Grille, or Boardwalk/Spoodles - whatever makes it so you don’t have to change into your swimsuit! That might take too long, and you’ll be too sleepy!


beaches and cream.


Ditto on Beaches and Cream. After a long day of getting to the airport and flying, I always found it relaxing to just grab a quick meal and then chill by the pool.


Jess, at first I was going to suggest Beaches and Cream, which I’ve been to once and really liked a lot. But thinking about your suggestions, for some reason right now I’m leaning towards Big River Grille.

Who knows, it could only be because right now I’m really in the mood for a cold one. :laugh:


I like the idea of a little r&r before getting park commando. I think beaches and cream with a little pool time sounds just right!


Does anyone think Beaches & Cream will be overly busy on a Friday night?!!? It will most likely be prime dinner time, like between 6:45-7:30 sometime when we get there.


I would jump right in to the Disney Magic and hit EPCoT! My fav fast food there is in Japan Udon noodles and tempra shrimp! Yummy! Then grab a spot near international gateway for Illuminations and sneak out the back right when the fireworks are over. Then you could still hit the pool or go back to your room and turn in early.


by the way, you should get to your resort by 5:45 and bags in room by 6:15. you could be in epcot by 7:00, easy!!


I voted for Spoodles Pizza window only because it sounds like it will be quick for you. Beaches and Cream would probably be quite a wait.


I said Beaches and Cream because if you’re really hungry,you can have the kitchen sink!!!


Big River Grille! After flying and dealing with airports, you will definitely want some good brews with the dinner. :happy:


“eat at “Beaches & Cream” & go swimming at the BWV pool” sounds really fun! :happy:


I couldn’t decide…so I chose Spoodles Pizza Window and relaxing by the pool. I’m sure I would love to race off to Epcot first thing if I were there, but something casual and relaxing sounds like a good way to spend the evening after traveling. :happy:

I always go too gung-ho anyway. :rolleyes: So giving myself time to relax between traveling and going to the parks is probably a good thing! That’s why I chose the one I did. Whatever you guys choose, HAVE FUN!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!


I would choose Spoodles pizza window and relaxing by the pool. Of course, we fly in from California each year, so a relaxing evening on that first night is always welcomed. BTW, you’re going THIS WEEKEND!!!

How cool is that? You plan on doing one of your famous TRs right?? With lots of pictures.


YES, I am VERY excited! And, silly, it wouldn’t be a Disney trip without one of my “famous” trip reports with plenty of pictures. hehe! Thank you. :happy: :wink:


Aw man I forgot all about the possibility of a trip report! :eek: I LOVE your trip reports! :wub: Okay, now I’m not just jealous…I’m a little excited for you too. :tongue: Heehee.


I voted for Spoodles Pizza window.
I hear there are long lines waiting to get into Beaches and Cream and it’s a Friday nite, I am thinking it might be mobbed!

Getting something at the Spoodles pizza window and relax by the pool and rest up for a big day the next day!