Help us make it special!


My wife and I will be spending are 10th Ann. in WDW in Oct. How can we make it extra special? She has never been there and I was there about 15 years ago.



What kinds of things are you looking for?

A nice dinner out? California Grill is a popular restaurant with a view of MK and the fireworks if you time it right. Flying Fish at the BW is an awesome restaurant, great food and great service.

Something special to do? It’s a little late but you might try booking either a Wishes! fireworks cruise or an IllumiNations cruise. Both are popular and book quickly but people do cancel so it’s worth calling.


Oh,boy,there is nothing like a special trip to make us crazy DC’ers want to plan for you!! My suggestion is having dinner at the California Grill(at the Contemporary Hotel) around the time for the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. I am told that they dim the lights for the show so you can see them better.


There are so many wonderful options for you Chuck, and you’ve come to the right place to ask questions. I’ve already put my request in for dinner at Victoria and Alberts for our 10th (in THREE YEARS!!!)
Let us know a little more about what you’re looking for.


WOW…you can make ressies for V&A that far in advance??? COOL!!! :cool:


Find a nice spot and hold your wife tight while watching Wishes or you can just eat ice cream together. Sometimes its the simple things that create lasting memories.


Chuck… First, be sure to notify WDW of your anniversary!

Call now and they will note it on your resort reservation. Also, every time you make a dining reservation, mention your anniversary to the CM!!! You will be amazed at the magic that they will do on their own to try and make your experience special… an upgrade if available, a greeting card in in the room, a special restaurant table, a secret dessert treat… WDW CMs know how to make a special fuss over your big event!!!

There are actually CMs on hand at this very moment at WDW who are there for the sole purpose of “specializing” your vacation! (I made up that word, and I like it! :tongue: )

Have a great trip, and welcome to DC!