Help with a booking glitch for DCL


:angry: I’m pretty miffed right now- I was literally in the middle of a new booking for the Dream for next Easter week (2012). I went through the DVC member website (which actually doesn’t matter) and was up to the part where I put in my credit card info. The website encountered an error, and I had to start over. That was annoying, but the new price for our cruise was now $250 more than the booking I was working on!

I immediately sent a contact e-mail through the link on both DVC and the DCL websites. How should I handle this? Should I insist on the original price? I’m wondering if anyone has any insight or suggestions. This is our first Disney cruise and the $250 is pushing the limit as to what I can pay for the cruise. Besides, the Disney website was the issue. Any rational thoughts?


Something similar happened to me one time when I was booking a flight on Continental. As it happened, I was booking when the rate changed. I called them and they honored the original price. Do you remember what time it occurred? Call them (no e-mail) and ask for the original fare. You have nothing to lose.


Good suggestion! I’m on hold with them now… fingers crossed…


Went through several CMs up to a manager. Everyone was very nice, but noone would make good on the price I was booking when their website went haywire. They know it happened and have documentation, but no luck. I’m pretty disappointed.


That’s too bad. I would have thought someone would make it right, especially since they know it happened.


I was pretty surprised. The manager’s name was Roy (made me think of Walt’s brother), and I thought to myself that he would definately fix it. He suggested strongly that I should book anyway at the higher price :nuke:, since the bookings are getting very busy for the Dream.

I just went and put a reservation on hold, but I’m not sure I will follow through. The price is really $600 higher than I promised myelf I would spend. I have five days to decide. It’s either the cruise or I purchase another DVC contract through resale (prices are low!!)