Help with a Dining Reservation/transportation question


Hi there,

I have booked our family at Chef Mickey’s for Breakfast at 7:45 am on one of the days of our trip. We are staying at All-Star Movies and are relying on Disney Transportation to get us around that week. Magic Kingdom opens for EMH at 8 am that day, but I am concerned that the buses might not be running early enough that day for us to get to our dining reservation on time. Can anyone advise me on this? Has anyone ever had problems making it to a dining reservation on time because of the times of the buses?


The busses will run early enough that you should be able to make it. We have had early ressies at Crystal Palace and O’hana’s before, and we didn’t have any issues. Just call the front desk the day before and find out how early the first bus will arrive, and be the first in line.:happy:


Thank you for the quick reply, Missymouse. That puts my mind at ease!


We had a 7:15 ressie and were fine this year but in the past we’ve taken a cab to make sure we’re there on time. The hotels usually have an area for cabs out front where they’re on standby.


If I am not mistaken, thbe buses begin running an hour before park opening. I am sure that if I’m wrong, someone will be along to correct that. However, we get to parks an hour before they open on buses all the time.
You will be able to go to MK and then take that path (maybe a five-minute walk or so) to Contempo in plenty of time for breakfast.


When we were there in December we had 7 am ressies at Chef Mickeys and the park didn’t open until 8. The CM at the front desk told us buses start running an hour before park opening except for MK, which is more like an hour and a half. Needless to say, the bus showed up at our resort at 630 on the dot. It should definitely not be a problem for you to get a bus that early.


Same answer as the others, buses start running at least an hour prior to park opening. You should be fine.


Thanks so much everyone! I’m not going to worry about it anymore!


It is a very commonly spread incorrect rumor that buses don’t start running until 1 hour before park opening. It’s just plain not true.

Buses start running around 6:30 a.m. To all 4 parks.


Good idea. We have done Chef Mickey’s a couple of times before park open, we always plan on taking a bus but have a back up plan just in case. We allow about an hour to get there by bus and set a time that we ditch waiting for the bus and grab a cab. I don’t think we’ve ever had to take a cab but it’s nice knowing we have a back up plan so I don’t get stressed.


Then the wonderful monorail to mk! :laugh:

You’ll be awight… Just take the earliest bus.


I would say make sure you know were the cabs park at your resort. If possible go to the bus stop closest to them and if you think its running to close grab a cab. If your breakfast is not on the first day you will have an idea of what your time frame is, figuring in all the stops and how long the ride averages out to be. Good Luck.


The buses should be fine, but it worse comes to worse taxies are always availible and they aren’t expensive at all!


Once you physically arrive at Walt Disney World, if you have any questions about Disney Transport you should ask such questions ONLY of Disney Transport drivers. You can easily identify these men and women because they are wearing bright purple pants. No, this isn’t a joke. Purple pants is part of their costume.

It’s usually easy to spot them near the bus area of each of the theme parks (waiting for a bus to arrive that they will take over from another driver) and of course at the Transportation & Ticket Center. If they have the time, you can also ask the driver of whatever bus you’re on.

Many resort cast members will try to be helpful if you ask them Disney Transport questions and I’m sure they are sincere, but waaaaay to many of them will give just plain wrong information. Disney does a very poor job of cross-training their employees.