Help with a Disney CP advertisement!


I need to get creative but I have so much work to do for finals! :crying: I figurd I’d mooch off the brain cells of my lovely disney friends. :wub: :blush:

So it’s going to rain cats and dogs tomorrow night, so they say, at precisely when a fellow Campus Rep and I will be promoting the college program. Outdoors but under cover, in front of the main dining hall. I thought it would be a fun idea, since we won’t be able to use sidewalk chalk, to decorate my old black umbrella with acrylic paint (its all i have to use right now) to help advertise and catch people’s attention. Something along the lines of “gloomy weather got you down? Come work where the sun always shines!”

Only maybe a little less hokey. :laugh: I figured I could use the extra points…

Ideas? Suggestions? Rebuttles? I need to have it ready by 4pm tomorrow and I have class all morning. All will be greatly appreciated and welcome! =)


Well… call me hokey, but I like yours!

Super Cute Idea! I wish I was creative like that!


how fun! i love the idea of the umbrella! you could also wear a mickey poncho!


I left ALOT of disney stuff at home. :crying: I don’t think I could do that anyway, we need to be ‘disney look’ when we publicly promote the program.

I guess i’ll stick with what i got if no one else has anything to add. :blush:


Are there any lamp posts around the dining hall? I was just thinking along the lines of ‘We’re singing in the rain because the sun always shines on CP’ ok my DD tells me thats particularly cheesy-forgive me I’m old!!-


I think its cute. :laugh: I don’t know if I’d do it, just cause they’re calling for HAIL tonite when I’m supposed to be out. :ohmy:

I get along great with my mom. Maybe thats why I don’t think its super corny. :laugh: :heart: