Help with a flaw in my touring plan


I thought I had it all figured out, till I looked at my plan once again this week.

Anyways, one day I scheduled us to go to the studios in the late morning (after a sleep in a bit day), but neglected to see that it was an EMHam park that day.

Should I switch our days around, or just head over anyway?

I appreciate your opinions! Thanks!


I would just head over anyway. It’s your break day sorta or your sleep day, so don’t plan on hard-core touring. Just pick a few that you must do and make them your goal for the day. I wouldn’t change an entire trip plan for this one thing. If you go there in the afternoon, you should be just fine. Most people who do the EE will be done with that park by the afternoon.


Yeah, just go over anyway and get FPs right away for RnRC or ToT ) (whichever you like better) and then enjoy the park… you can use your FP later in the day, and then do the other ride when everyone goes over to Fantasmic!


I wouldn’t move things around, I would just go and do what I could do. However, if the big attractions (ToT, RRC and the new stunt show) are a must then you might want to get there in by mid-morning to be sure to get a FP for a couple of them.


I thought you were gonna say your “one flaw” was forgetting to invite me along… :laugh:

Honestly though, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. We were at MGM on one of the EMH days and it wasn’t that bad…that was in December though, so you may have a few more people to deal with. Is this the only day you plan on going to MGM? If not, then it’s really not a HUGE deal if you don’t get everything done that day, right?


Buzz, are you staying late that night for a Fantasmic Package? I had sort of the same question, but the day we’re getting to MGM around noon it’s just a regular day. But I did wonder if there would still be time to get FPs for LMA Extreme Stunt Show and RnR or if they would all be gone by then. Anxious to hear how it goes for you.


No, this will not be the night we stay for Fantasmic. We are just going to hang there a while, then head to Epcot for dinner and EMH.

In my expierences with MGM, they have always had FP’s still, after noon time for the big attractions.


Thanks for the input guys, it was a great help!!

We are going to head over there anyway. We’ll be back at MGM more than a few times since we’ll be staying close by at the BW.
Don’t know why I stressed over it anyways.

Thanks again!!


We have gone at rope drop for RnRC and the FPs by the time we got off the ride were for two hours later… And just after lunch, they had put covers over the FP machines as all the FPs were gone for the night.

But the weird part was that once Fantasmimc started, there wasn’t much of a line at all for RnRc. It would have been a very brief wait in the standby line.



If it was me, and I was planning on doing ToT and RnR, I’d change it if it’s easily done.

It would be a bummer to get over there to find ‘bad’ fastpass times.



Thanks Bruce, but the R&RC and Tot won’t be priorities this particular day. We would like to get to the stunt show though, and mostly things for DS age 5.