Help with ADR's


Hi Everyone,
So, myself, DH, DD, FIL, and Step-MIL are all going to Disney in January.
We have the Deluxe Dining Plan, and we booked some ADR’s, but I still have 4 open lunches (and points for these lunches) , and I don’t know where to book. Here is what we have so far, and please tell me what restaurants you think we should try to book for the open slots, or if you think I should do any changes. Keep in mind “LeCellier” is booked at 4:40 because there were no other times this week, so that has to stay.

Sunday 1/13/08:
Lunch 1:00 Wolfgang Puck
Dinner 6:00 California Grill - Contemporary

Monday 1/14/08:
Breakfast 8:30am Tusker House (Donald’s Breakfast) - Animal Kingdom
Dinner 6:05pm Yachtsmen Steakhouse - Yacht Club

Tuesday 1/15/08:
Breakfast 8:45am Princess Storybook - Epcot
Lunch 12:30am Coral Reef - Epcot
Dinner 4:40pm LeCellier Steakhouse - Epcot

Wednesday 1/16/08:
Breakfast 9:00am 1900 Park Fare - Grand Floridian
Dinner- Chef de France - Epcot

Thursday 1/17/08:
Breakfast 8:20am Crystal Palace- Magic Kingdom
Lunch 1:10 Cinderella’s Royal Table - Magic Kingdom
Dinner 7:00pm Tutto Italia - Epcot

Friday 1/18/08:
Breakfast 8:05am Playhouse Disney at Hollywood & Vine - MGM
Dinner- 5:15pm PrimeTime Cafe

Saturday 1/19/08:
Breakfast 8:20am Chef Mickey’s - Contemporary
Dinner - Narcoossee’s - Grand Floridian


You have some wonderful choices - but that’s A LOT of food to eat in one day! Two table service meals a day will also cut into a lot of park time. For instance on Thursday you have three HUGE meals planned! Why not consider some counterservice lunches. No ADRs required and you can eat when you want. Some excellent counterservices are: 4 Seasons Food Court at The Land Pavillion in Epcot, (in fact almost every Country in World Showcase has counterservice: Fish & Chips in the UK, Yakatori Noodle House in Japan, Boulangerie Bakery in France). Earl of Sandwich at the Marketplace is probably the best deal in Disney - cheap and fantastic sandwiches. Columbia Harbour House in the MK is very good too.


You seem to have alot of buffets in your ADR. maybe you should look into counter service on those days.


Can we use our Dining Plan points towards counter service??


I agree with everyone else. With all those table services it is alot of food. Maybe switch some of them the a Quick service ans save them for the next time. It wil also be saving a little bit of money in the long run.


Yes if remember correctly on the dining plan it includes a counter, table and a snack. But I could be wrong.


I’m not too familiar with the “Deluxe” plan - we’ve only had the regular DDP - but those points can be used for all the restaurants on the plan - table or counterservice, plus snacks. I can’t imagine that the Deluxe wouldn’t let you use your points for counterservice. I know there is a thread explaining the new plan - I’ll try and see if I can find it.


AK - Lunch - FlameTree BBQ. Walk up. NO ADR’s, Outdoor eating. Very good!

MGM - Sci Fi - Way Cool indoor drive-in, food is pretty good, must try at least once.

As for the other days… I would do a CS at whatever park you will be at or maybe a resort.


I looked up the Sci Fi and it says: Enjoy sandwiches, salads, shakes and specialty drinks in a cool '50s car as you shriek at your favorite movie creatures. Is it scary?? My DD is going to be almost 3 (2yrs & 11mths). Do you think this is something that would scare her? Meaning…are they very scary monsters???


No, not at all… it is the old really silly movie clips, commercials. I have taken my Dkids when they were small, with no problems.


Great! Thanks, I will book this now!


I just want to be clear… that there are some of the old Sci Fi looking robots, totally fake looking “monsters”, you know the black and white stuff. To me it is more funny commercials than anything.

If you daughter is very sensitive to even the slightest of scary things then I would not do it.

Truthfully though, it is not scary.


Wow that is a lot of food! I would also agree that adding some counter service would be good, but with the deluxe plan I don’t know how it works. Since it is all new for 2008. Since you have two table service per day can you use it for counter service? I would add Chef Mickeys and 'Ohana for table service or use a couple credits and go to Hoop Dee Doo. For counter service try Flame tree.


I believe with the Deluxe meal plan for nest year you can choose between a counter service or table.


I agree with everyone else. Go counter service for some of your lunches, especially if you have had a big breakfast. However, Sci-Fi is a cool place. DS loves it. I also love the Rose and Crown in Epcot.


Wow! Thats a lot of food. I agree with everyone else about adding some Counter Service. Otherwise half your time is either going to be waiting to be seated or eating.


I really think you should leave the rest open…use counter service. I think you have to many ADRs on some of your days…you are going to be going from adr to adr with little time in between. It’s going to feel rushed.


You can use DP for counter service. On the plan you get one counter service, snack, and sit down dinner a day. I agree there are a lot of ADR’s that’s a lot of food. We usually only do one sit down a day, and something light besides.


My mother-in-law bought the Deluxe Dining Plan for all of us, which includes 3 sit down meals and 2 snacks each day. That is why she chose so many sit down’s I guess. :wub:


you have some really awesome places picked! i think you will be eating well - maybe too much. (if that’s possible - lol)

with the deluxe plan you can choose counter or table, and while it seems like you’d want to get the most bang for your buck and do lots of table service meals, it will mean giving up park time. If you are ok with that, then go for it!

I’d suggest wolfgang puck express in DTD - it was phenominal! be sure to check out menus for both locations, as they are a slightly different. we went to the westside location and i just can’t say enough about how awesome it was!! YUM!!

Tutto Italia was super - you’ll love it! be sure to get the dessert that has the berries - argh, what’s it called??? - it was the best ever!!

If you do keep all the ADR’s - i’d try to space them out a bit more. don’t forget you will be there 1 1/2 + hours each (more if you have to wait to get your table), and in some cases, you just won’t be hungry quickly enough (like tuesday, you have lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 4:40, you’ll be done with lunch at 2:00ish, and having dinner in just 2 1/2 hours). there is so much good food, you won’t want to be too full to enjoy it!!