Help with ADR'S


I would like your opinion on these character meals. I am going to be making our adr’s very soon for our trip in May and need your input. My dilema is either Chef Mickey’s for breakfast or 1900 Park Fair (stepmother,stepsisters,etc) for dinner. I have been to Chef Mickeys,but not the other. So, that is where I need you input. Thanks!!


we are considering 1900 park fare, so that gets my vote!!


We did 1900 Park Fare last October when we were there. We loved it. The buffet was very good. It did not have a lot of selections such as Cape May, but the quality was great. As far as the interaction with the princes, it was awesome! They all came to the table, offered to sign autographs, and for pictures. They took their time at each table and it was most enjoyable.


ooh… that’s a toughy. Try 1900 Park Fare, since you haven’t done it before.