Help with Birthday Surprise


I will be staying at the Beach Club starting Dec 4th to celebrate my BFF’s 60th birthday. We are spending Sat dec 5th with her cousin at Epcot(who she hasn’t seen in 10 years). After Illuminations I wanted to go somewhere for drinks and hopefully surprise her with a birthday cake.

The question is where is the best and easiest place to go? Would like to keep it to Epcot and the Epcot resort area.

Also where and how do I order a cake?



There is a cake hotline number you can call, I can’t find it right now. You could always call disney dining and ask them too.

I have not ordered a cake for a couple of years now, so I wouldn’t know where to tell you to go. But I am bumping up your thread in hopes that someone will come along and be of some assistance. :slight_smile:


I ordered a cake from the cake hotline in Jan for my cousins birthday. We were at HDD that night and they brought it out during our dinner there. If you call they will give you choices for the cake and just let them know where you will be dining and they will bring it to you.

That’s the link to the thread, it has a couple of cake pictures in it.


Hotline phone #1-407-824-1089


Thanks for the number - now I just have to figure out the where.

We are eating dinner at the Biergarten and I don’t think we will have room for dessert therefore I want to have the cake later on in the evening after Illuminations, Maybe at one of the Boardwalk locations. What restaurants/watering holes stay open late enough so we can have drinks and the cake??


Does anyone know how late the ESPN Club and Big River Grille stay open at night?


Any feelings about Jelly Rolls or the restaurants in the Swan & Dolphin for late night desserts/drinks? How late do they normally stay open?