Help with dates please!


I know this is beating the proverbial dead horse here…but, if you would bear with me I would appreciate it!!! I’m trying to plan our WDW trip for 2010 and we decided to do something different and go in February this time. We normally go around the first week or two in May and lately the crowds have increased quite a bit over what they used to be several years ago at that time. I had heard that February (the 1st two weeks) are good (very low crowd levels) weeks to go…but, since I’ve never been at this time I don’t know if this is trust-worthy information! Can someone confirm this for me?? We actually ‘could’ go anytime from Jan - May 7 so, if there is a better option please feel free to let me know!



Disney states:

The Lowest Attendance –

January (except New Year’s Day) until just prior to Presidents’ Week in February

The week following Labor Day until the week prior to Thanksgiving

The week following Thanksgiving until mid-December
More Moderate Attendance:
After Presidents’ week in February through early March
Late April through early June (except Memorial Day weekend)
Columbus Day Weekend (October)
The first part of Thanksgiving week

Highest Attendance:
Presidents’ week in February
Mid March through Late April (“Spring Break”)
Memorial Day weekend
Mid June through Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and weekend
Christmas week through New Year’s Day

We recommend for Crowd Level conditions!


I would say you are safe with the first two week of Feb. Low crowds but could be a bit chilly at that time.


Thanks…! I’ve seen the ‘official’ reports about crowd levels…but, you know how those can be sometimes. I also love and use them every time we go. I need to log on there and see if they have any levels posted for 2010 yet. I was also worried about the weather as well. Do you think we could get by with light jackets?? Or would it be really cold??? It’s usually really hot when we go in May…!


Watch out for any marathons/races or presidents week-it is a zoo.


And cheerleader competitions


That’s just what I was going to say. Busy, busy, busy. As far as weather? We went in Feb. several years ago and needed a light jacket during the day, but needed to layer it for the evening. It got cold. Our friends went the following year, but later in the month, and they didn’t need a jacket during the day at all, but a light jackey in the evening. Luck of the draw I guess.


I have been the first week in Feb and it was tolerable. I went the second week and it was frezzing,like 30 degres frezzing. You just don’t know what you will get.


February could be very cold. Probably colder than Dec/Jan, but with FL temps, you can never really tell for sure. But I have been freezing in WDW several times. Very difficult to stand to watch parades, fireworks, etc. If you want to go then just be sure to pack your winter gear and don’t plan on using the pools.