Help With My 21st in Disney!


So, I know… I’m getting a little ahead of myself! My 20th birthday is this summer, so that means my 21st isn’t for like a 1 year and a half! But I want to make plans as far in advance as possible! And I definitely want to start saving now!

So here’s what I was thinking… and let me start of by saying… Oh My God! I don’t believe I’m going to be 21 next September. :ohmy: hahah. But I’m excited :wub:

Here are the options for a fun filled celebration. Here’s what you need to know… [B]I don’t drink and don’t plan on it! Not even for my 21st. lol.[/B]

I’m open to any suggestions, but here are my ideas! Let me know what you guys think!

[B]#1: Tea Party at the Grand Floridian with Alice![/B] I think it’s an adorable way to say toot-a-loo to my youth and embark on my young woman hood. Plus, how many more excuses am I going to get to have a TEA PARTY?? :]

[B]#2: Drinking/Eating Around the World![/B] Now again… I don’t drink. But I think going around EPCOT with my siblings and sister in law (maybe parents, idk who’s coming yet!) would be hilarious and memorable! Even if I’m not drinking! I’ll eat around the world. Pastries around the world!!! :heart: That sounds more my style! haha.

Let me know if you have any other ideas. I want something just a little more special then the standard birthday dinner, but nothing to crazy! Thanks! :blush:


You HAVE to schedule an awesome massage at SSR. PLEASE give yourself some pampering. I try to go once a year. It is great. I think the eating around the world would be cool. Pick a nice resort where you can have a ton of fun and relax.


Check into the Aqua Sea Tours (I believe that’s the name) snorkeling at Epcot. We’ve been to WDW many times and this is by far my favorite thing I’ve done AND it’s an experience that is hard to get anywhere else. Happy early, early birthday!


Those are both GREAT ideas I never thought of! And this is why I put this up! haha. :wub:

Treating myself to a day at the spa would be awesome! Something I’ve never done but would love to do at Disney!

How special would it be to say I snorkeled at EPCOT for my 21st! That’s a really awesome suggestion!

Thank you both so much! I’m so looking forward to hearing more!!!


Isn’t the food and wine festival usually the end of september? Don’t know when you plan on going in September, but you could definitely eat around the world that way!!:laugh:


Yeah, I’m not sure when it starts! My birthday is the 20th! Not sure when we’re planning on going yet though! Probably the weekend or two after my 21st!