Help with photopass CD ordering


Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone can help me with a question regarding the Photopass CD. I am trying to order this, but don’t understand quite how it works. If I order the CD at the special price, will it just sit on my account until we load our pictures from the card we will get during our trip in June? When do they actually send the CD? Can we still load multiple Photopass cards on it? Thanks for any help!


They will email you a confirmation number once you pay. when you get home and load all your cards your photoswill be in a file for you . then you can crop/change/zoom/add characters, etc… when you are ready to order your CD it will ask for your number or something on the payment page. I did it with my last trip and it was very easy…If you are staying for more than a few days I recommend it. This will be our longest trip and I am hoping to have LOTS of photos


Thanks so much Ktcheck! That is exactly the information I am looking for.


you are very welcome:blush: