Help with planning


Help have 6 adults 1 child. Do not really know where to start. What is this renting points. Like the idea of the dining plan but not sure if is worth it or, how much. should we stay on the property or is it cheaper off?? would like to go for 4 days and then cruise for 4 days…Worst problem yet on a budget ( I’M kinda cheap) thanks Looking for the best deal all the way around



Dining plan is worth it. Like $30 per day but you can order whatever you want. A sitdown dinner alone can sky rocket over 30/per plate.

I prefer on property because of the perks - transportation, Extra magic hours and well its Disney.


DEFINITELY stay on property. That is a huge part of the Disney experience. Plus you won’t have to worry about transportation to and from the parks. You could look into renting points or stay at one of the values - they are still very fun!

Don’t have much experience with the Dining Plan but if you are going to do any sitdown meals, this is probably well worth it.


I’ve only stayed offsite but this year I’m doing both. There are some fantastic inexpensive deals on offsite properties but the Disney Value Resorts can give the competition some stiff competition. If you want the full Disney experience stay “onsite” if you want a cheaper option consider “offsite”.


If you can stay on-site…DO!!! You can’t beat the total Disney experience…nothing like it.


Renting points is a great option for a party of 7-people. It still might be a bit more expensive than staying off-site, but the resorts are really top-notch.

What it entails is renting from a DVC (disney vacation club) memeber. They own timeshares at Disney.
If you are really interested, send me a PM and I’ll get you more info.

The dining plan is GREAT, if you plan to have a nice table service meal each night of your stay.


So do I have to stay on propterty to get the dinning plan?? I saw one hotel i that actually looked like it had the animals on the property ( animal kingdom??) When looking at points it seems like it costs about 34 points a day. So about 2200 for 6 days, does this sound right. I am awful cheap so I keep thing maybe I should just rent something close by. ANy suggestions??? Thanks for all the help


With 6 adults, you’ll need, what - at least 2 rooms? Probably 3? Not sure if some of the adults are adult children, or what…and that CAN get pretty pricey.

Renting points is probably the cheapest option.

Yes, you do have to be on property to get the dining plan.

When are your dates of travel? How many rooms will you need?

You may need to want to look into calling Mouseketrips - he’s a travel agent that runs this site. He can let you know what will be the cheapest option for you…


Definately stay on property if you can! And, the Dining plan is a great value. Plus, you won’t be worrying about how much each meal costs! You have to stay at a Disney resort and purchase park tickets to add the dining plan. The first trip will be your most memorable and Disney resorts add so much magic to your stay! Our last trip we rented points from a DVC member and stayed at the Beach Club Villas. It was absolutely perfect but definately not a value resort. Renting the points from a DVC member allowed us to saved over $1,000 for our 1BR villa with full kitchen (sleeps 4) but it was 245 points at $10 per point ($2450) for an 8 night stay. That’s still over $300 per night and it was value season. The least expensive DVC resort is Old Key West. To get a room that would sleep 6 Adults and one child you’d need to get a 2 BR villa (sleeps 8). There are 2 BR’s (one queen BR and 2 doubles BR) plus a queen sofa bed in LR. In Adventure season (value season) it would run $311 per night if you rented from a DVC member. It would cost around $500 per night plus taxes if you rented from Disney. Here is a points chart to find out more.
You’d need to find someone to rent points from and then work out payment with that person - Disney isn’t involved! I personally wouldn’t recommend renting points for your first trip. It is a little stressful working out a contract and everything and there are risks involved but if you’re up to the challenge - go for it. Do some more reading here on DC. There are a lot of threads on renting DVC points. Many DC’ers have done it and shared our experiences.
This website has photos and facts about the different WDW resorts. I’m sure there will be something to fit your taste and wallet!

Your least expensive optionf would be to get 3 separate rooms at a value resort. I’d suggest Pop Century.


WOW!! What a lot of information, thanks to all of you…here are few other questions

Where is Pop Century

I have stayed at Groveners in the past can you get the dining plan there??

Does anyone know of the place with the animals.



Welcome, welcome!!! The dining plan must be purchased as part of a WDW package, meaning only those staying in WDW-owned and operated hotels can add it. The place with the animals is Animal Kingdom Lodge (not to be confused with Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park). It is a Disney deluxe hotel that runs about $200+ per night. It’s a beautiful resort (I can’t wait to stay there again!) :wub:

You sound like you have a lot of great questions and would like this to be a fantastic trip (HOORAY! We have a fellow planner on our hands!!), so I’d second Erin’s recommendation of calling Mouseketrips ( Travel. They run and are extremely knowledgeable about all things Disney. Even if you don’t choose ultimately to use a travel agent, they’ll be able to answer all of your questions and recommend accomodations/packages/dining that will fit your companions and your budget!! It’s a great resource.


It’s really nice to stay on site, but with that big a crowd, it gets very expensive. When we bring our whole clan, we rent one of the gorgeous pool homes nearby. There’s nothing better than to have your own space after being with crowds all day long. Not to mention your own pool, your own laundry, very often your own bathroom, and your own kitchen to prepare some of your meals. The houses we’ve stayed at have all been very nice and very affordable.

If you choose to rent, be aware the closer you are to WDW, the higher the rates, and vice versa. You will need to have a rental car too, but there are lots of good deals in the Orlando area.

Our last time renting a 4 bed, 3 bath house near the Disney gate was around $1000 for a summer week (that includes the taxes).