Help with plans for 2008


I am starting to plan out vacation for 2008. The dates are as follows
12-27 2008 ---- 1-3-2009
Here is what I was wondering which shall I do

We will be staying at the value resort. Not sure which one yet.
It will be me my dh and my 2 DD’s
we have been on the reg DDP before and loved it. NOw Im not to sure due to the changes but I could always book places that offered buffetts and family style to still get the full course…

Here is the options I was thinking…

$3048.00 Base ticket plan no park hop comes with deluxe DDp

$2460 no park hop reg DDp


My DH really doesnt want to go I think… He stated to me that he will only go if I dont talk about this trip every single minute of the day and that it is also out last one for a long time to WDW. I wanted to upgrade my house in 5 years sell what I have and haveone built but I cant get over the idea of no family WDW trip for a while. So should I go all out on the deluxe and book dinner shows and all or just do what we always do and get Phopper and reg DDP??
Please help


I’m kinda in the same boat. This will be our first trip. I wanted to do deluxe dinning but not sure. It will be an extra $600. We too are going to stay at Pop Or Movies. Just so much to think about. I am on over load. I need to book in the next two weeks ans I can’t make up my mind.


We are going the same time as you in Dec. 2008. We are in the “early” planning stages but we have booked our package.


I would pick park hopper with regular dining plan. I think the park hopper is important. I like having the flexibility to go back and forth around the world. I do make a plan for each day, but I like to have the option of spontaneously going back to another park. We stayed at WL 8/14-8/20. My DD (age 7) often wanted to take the boat to Mk in the evening even after being somewhere else earlier in the day.
Have a great trip. It will be magical no matter what you choose.


Here’s another vote for a plan with the Hopper. I love having the Park Hopper, it makes me less nervous about the planning, like if I end up missing something or a park is more crowded than I anticipated, I have that many more chances to still get to all the things I want to see.


Thanks all. I think I may boko hopper with reg DDP. The xtra $600 can be used for something else?!?!?! :confused:


I’d save it to get something during your trip.


i’d go with the park hopper and regular dining plan. you don’t say how old your daughters are but i doubt they would eat enough to make the deluxe plan worth it. besides the more you save on this trip the more you’ll have toward your house and you will be able to start saving for youe next disney trip sooner.


I would deluxe everything out. Go for it all. Especially since you will not be going again for awhile.


Im still thining about what to do. I talked to my DH last night and he said its too much food :confused: I thought he likes to eat :laugh: But I guess i will probally go for the reg DDP. maybe something will be out for discounts with it. I think I will look at all the menus and see what is a 2 credit and go from there.


First up: I wouldn’t plan to sell in less than 5 years if it can be helped. The way the prices ran up in Florida, and I’m sure in North Jersey, let the air out of the bubble and prices come back a bit. On the other hand, keep your eyes open for the right piece of land at the right price sometime around July of next year.
I’d hop and do the standard dining plan, unless you can make the math work for the extra $31 a day with more sit downs. Then again, it being over New Year’s, I personally would lean towards all special meals, especially if this is your blow out last trip for 4 years or so.


Im kind of in the same boat. We are taking a trip there in Dec 08 and trying to figure out what we want to do. With us its the cost, plane tickets over there are going to be between 3500 and 4500. We are doing either Movies or Pop and the standard dining. We figure we won’t eat enough to do the deluxe and we can use the extra money to do things with DHs family.