Help with posting pictures


I’m trying to add pictures to my trip report.

after I go to manage attachments and upload, it says “file to large”

is there an easier way ???


Here is an old thread with the “how to” in post #4 and #6. :smile:


Just a suggestion - make a new folder for the resized pictures so after you resize them you can “save as” another name in this folder for the pictures you want to post. This way you won’t be changing the originals. But if you plan on posting hundreds of pictures, that might take a long time, and maybe another way would be quicker.


I’m still not having much luck.
I used “tiny pictures” to post some photos as a link. But they link to HUGE photos.

any other ways to post out there?



If you like…you can email them to me and I’ll resize them for you. :smile:

Is this how you want them?


Exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks for the help.
I pm-ed you.