Help with the Lingo here!


Hi again- I know my parks… but I’m trying to pick up quickly to the lingo here at MouseBuzz and to the abbreviations. If this is on the web site, I’m sorry I didn’t see it- but if anyone has some general help- I’d Love it! so, is a DW a disney wife? and a DH a disney husband? and if so, what is a Non-disney Husband or wife :huh: and also, how does everyone get the mickey heads in their signatures? Paula… Help me!!!
Thanks and thanks for all of the good tips- even for someone who knows a fair amount! You can always learn something else- or a little more… right!


This should help you:



The D stands for Dear on most Internet forums.


Seems to me there is a thread somewhere that explains the abbreviations. Oh, and a non disney wife or non disney husband is usually referred to as an ex!!!:laugh:

To get the cute (and not so cute) little smilies, just click on “go advanced” and the smilies will show up for you when you post a reply.


ah, thank you much! I knew it had to be here somewhere---- and I was right! a Disney Hubby- and YOU are SO right- EX would be a great name for a Non-DH!!! We were engaged in mickey’s house so I think I’m safe- For now… thanks much- THis site is great!


Hmmm… that could be equally difficult. I know that I’m not always a “dear.”

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You and me both “dear” LOLOL

Welcome to mousebuzz. If you need help with any abbreviations in threads or posts, ask them as you see them. You can pm (private message) any of us and we will all be glad to help you along. You will pick it up in no time!:heart:


Welcome to Disney Central…

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Hey T!!! Welcome - I’m so glad you joined! That’s a cutey cute picture of Kevin!!! :heart:


How true is that!!! HAHAHA!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well, don’t confuse her more!:laugh:

Welcome to The Buzz! (Personally I feel the “D” of DH can stand for several things - depending on my mood…):glare:


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