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My dh just asked me about protocol for tipping luggage handlers and maid service. I’m not a seasoned traveler by any means,so I have no clue what is appropriate. So I thought, hey, Mousebuzzers have a wealth of knowledge, I’ll ask them. Since we are leaving tomorrow, I’m asking you for your expert advice. Thanks so much. Lynn

By the way, my dad is doing much better, the prayers helped.


I tip $1 per bag for anyone that carries my luggage for me. Housekeeping should be tipped $1 per person or a flat $5 a night. Leave this out every night as your housekeepers may not be the same the whole trip.

I am happy to hear Dad is doing better. I will continue to keep him in my thoughts.


this past trip, our housekeepers only took the tip one day on our four night stay. i guess they don’t like money… i even left a note saying the money left out was a tip… one dollar a bag for luggage made the luggage guys happy… i gave the ME driver 2 bucks because he loaded our luggage and drove us to AKL. i gave the bellhop two bucks for delivering our luggage to our room, and he was happy with that…


I wouldn’t mind some info on this too. On one of our trips from the time we left our room to the time we got home, we spent about 50 - 60 dollars on tips.
This is a list of who we tipped:

Bell hop who took our bags from the room
Bell hop who got our bags from storage
Bell hop who moved our bags from the curb to the ME bus (we thought he was going to help load the bags)
ME driver
Sky cap 
Parking lot driver at phila

What about when someone from housekeeping brings you something? We had trash& towel service, but we didn’t get any new soaps and such. So we called and housekeeping brought up a bag of stuff and we tipped her a few dollars, but afterward I thought “we tipped her for stuff we should have gotten earlier”.

What about bag transfers or when you call to have your bags brought up to your room? Since we usually stay at a value where we moved everything ourselves, on our first trip to a DVC we tipped almost anyone. I know it’s just a few dollars here and there, but it all adds up. We usually only bring so much cash and count on using credit cards mostly. Can someone come up with a list of everybody one might encounter on a disney trip?


That’s actuality what we do. On our stay last month, our mousekeeper actually came to our room on our last day and thanked us for the tips. That never happened before. Good news about your dad Lynn. Hope he continues to feel better.


Was wondering about this myself, very good advice…will really help me on my upcoming trip in Jan.


I tip $1 for every bag and package, both in the carport, and when they arrive at my room. Sometimes, if you’re a concierge guest, you’ll get the same bell hop taking your bags from your car directly up to your room, as all concierge guests have private check in areas adjacent to their rooms. In those cases, it’s still only $1 per bag, but you might feel inclined to give a few extra bucks as they’ll usually get you ice.
Valet parking I’ve increased to $2 to the person that takes your keys or gives them back to you. If they help load the car, an extra $5 is usually enough.
Housekeeping tips are usually a flat $5 per day for anything beyond a 1 day stay, and I usually leave a lump sum the day we check out, with a note if I am unable to personally give the tip to the housekeeper before we go. It is my understanding that all tips are pooled and shared. Many people do tip every single day. I think it’s up to the individual to decide. Concierge staff are supposed to not accept tips, but if there is one concierge, or several who have made something happen, you should do something to show your gratitude.


When housekeeping brings you something, it’s part of their job in my opinion. I tip them daily for doing their job and don’t think that giving you normal things you should have in your room something worth tipping extra.
IF they bring you something out of the ordinary or a special request, you should give them a few dollars. Bags in all sense, if they are touched or carried for you, should always be $1 a bag in my opinion. Yes, it does add up and quickly, but you can also save the money and just do it yourself.

I can easily start a tipping thread. I’ll put it in travel tips forum.


A couple of tipping hints that I have learned through the years…

  1. Housekeeping will only take a tip if it is left on the bed pillows, any other money left lying around the room they are not allowed to touch and they will not take it, even with a note.

  2. $1 per bag is mandatory any time someone moves one of your bags.

  3. Bringing things to the room: Room Service - At least $2 (same rules apply as when you have a pizza delivered home)
    When someone brings you an out of the ordinary request from housekeeping you must tip.
    In the case of the soap, I will give $1 to the person bringing something that should have been there, odds are they were not the person who “forgot” to leave the soap etc.

Lisa :mickey:


“Don’t run with scissors” is a good tip.


I love how you changed you tip in each tipping thread!:laugh:

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I don’t like to be predictable. (Like Cavey)


I came up with a way to handle tipping with more than one person. I sometimes travel with a girlfriend, so it makes tipping a little more complicated than when DH and I are together and the money belongs to both of us anyway.

We each got $30 in one dollar bills and put them in a bag. Then we had a tip bag to use for the tips: valet, bell services, housekeeping etc. The idea was that if there was anything left over we’d share it, but we ran out of money on the last day and had to add more!!

But it was very handy having all those singles nearby.


I can see how keeping singles nearby would be handy. Den wouldn’t like it, but it WOULD be handy.

just sayin


Here’s a tip for you.
Don’t give up your day job!:laugh:


So you’ve stopped hanging out in strip clubs?


Yes, When they stopped taking change.


I agree with Dana - I don’t think it’s necessary to tip someone from housekeeping who is delivering towels, etc.

And that’s a good “tip” to know - placing the money on the pillow. I can understand how taking other money, laying around, could lead to misunderstandings. It happened to us. As DVC members we get housekeeping only once in the middle of a stay. One time I completely forgot about it, but before leaving for the Parks that morning, I had dumped out my wallet of about 27 cents in nickels and pennies.

When we got back at night, I noticed it was missing and was totally mortified that housekeepng thought that was the tip we were leaving!:ohmy: We got it all straightened out the next morning with them - but I can see how the policy of taking only money from the pillow is a good one.:laugh: