Help with trip planning


Ok, so we are at the very beginning of planning our trip to WDW/US in Jul 2011. Plan to be there for 16days/15nights. I have estimated $10K, which is ok, but want to explore all options. I am no amateur at putting together a trip, but this is our biggest, longest and probably last for awhile and I want the most bang for my buck. I am open for all suggestions, etc, to make this a once in a lifetime adventure. It will be me, DW, and 2 DS’s (16 & 9). We’ll probably do one sit down meal per day and keep the rest open, we learned from a previous trip that it gets hectic trying to reserve more than one meal a day!

Here is what we have so far:
Hotel - SOG (But would love to stay at the Poly)
Airfare is Seattle-Orlando w/rental car
Tickets through SOG - Can’t beat the stars and stripes deal (at least as far as we know)
Food - Have to hit CRT, CM’s, Ohana’s, WCC & EoS, other than that open to suggestions (especially for when we go to US)

We tried booking a “make believe” trip through Disney’s website, but it only allows 10 days max…anybody know how to go more? Any suggestions on other travel agencies to get quotes from? I am toying with using the dining plan, but VERY inexperienced with this…could it help? On the Poly, is it worth it to spend that much more? SOG has nice big rooms and is only about $130 per night and is right across from the Poly, also carries same bennies as staying at a WDW property…except the wake up call.

Ok, enough chatter, help me out guys, roll with this! The countdown has begun!


If I had the time and the $$, I would do a split reservation, say 5 days at the Poly with the meal plan and 10 days at SOG! That way you get the best of both worlds and can try off site places to eat as well. Wilderness Lodge is a great place as well as AKL.


You could always book two back to back … Then tell the Front desk that you have two packages. Just a thought. I don’t understand why they only go 10 days for ressies?


You guys think like me…If I had it my way Id stay 3 nights at 5 different resorts!!! Unfortunately DW doesn’t work that way and would rather not have to repack after unpacking…she says too much work on a vacation. Believe me…I have tried to get my point recognized that it would be awesome to see different places…but no luck.