Help with trip plans


O.K. Help we leave on the 20th of January. PLans so far…
Me 39 Disney Lover. Goddaughter turns 4 on Saturday loves Princess.
My Bestfriend 36 doesn’t like anything Disney.

Friday arrive in Orlando at 4:30 hope to checkin at POP by 6:00pm

Should I make dinner PS? Which resort?

Saturday morning CP breakfast at 8:15am Magic Kingdom opens at 9:00.
GO and see everything she wants to see Lunch where?

Sunday morning Princess storybook breakfast at Epcot at 8:50am then over to MGM for the day. Lunch or Dinner where?

Whats a must see at MAgic Kingdom for a little girl?

Also at MGM?

Monday morning fly home BOO!


Man, you’ve got a lot of open ended questions there.

I would do Friday dinner at Chef Mickey’s. This will get your daughter interaction with the characters so you don’t have to wait in line to see them at the parks.

DO NOT DO MK ON SATURDAY! The crowds are highest on Saturday. Switch days. Do MK on Sunday (for my Feb trip, we aren’t even doing a park on Saturday).

At MK, a 4yo’s main interest will be in Fantasyland. I would plan on spending lots of time there (go early. it gets crowded by 11a.m.) Since you are doing character breakfasts, skip Toon Town, which is mainly a meet 'n greet area.

At MGM a little girl will love the Playhouse Disney show and the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Also make sure to do MuppetVision 3D and visit the Toy Story characters at Al’s Toy Barn. Oh, and don’t forget the Bueaty and the Beast stage show.

Hope that helps!


I definitely agree with that! Chef Mickey’s is so much fun.

Lunch at MK - we like Pecos Bills.


Pecos Bills is good.

I like Columbia Harbor House for the clam chowder in bread bowels.

Cosmic Rays has a neat dining area, but the food is only so-so


I agree to. I also suggest that after dinner at Chef Mickey’s you go straight back to the resort and get a good night’s sleep. WDW can be an exhausting place!

I’m assuming that your CP adr is already in place - unless you can change it to Sunday - and you have to go on Saturday, I’d say, just stay at the MK. If you have to take a bus first thing to MK for breakfast and then after breakfast travel over to MGM, you’re going to waste a good hour of touring time. (I hope you kinda understand what I mean). You’ll be getting a good, early start at the MK, so I’d head straight to Fantasyland, doing Winnie the Pooh first, then Dumbo - while waiting in line for Dumbo, one of you can run over to Peter Pan for a fastpass. After Dumbo - if it’s time, do Peter Pan - if not, first visit Ariel, then do PP and then Mickey’s Philharmagic. It’s a Small World can be fitted in after that, because it’s generally very fast loading. You must decide with your goddaughter’s mother whether she’s up for Snow White’s Scary Adventure - it can be a little too much for a 4 year old. After that let her play in Pooh’s Thoughtful Spot for a while - while you rest. A ride on the caroussel is fun too. And that should take care of Fantasyland. By this time it’s should be time for lunch. Pecos Bill’s in Frontier Land is good, as mentioned above. After lunch she might enjoy Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride in Adventureland. Check to see how long the line is for the Jungle Cruise. If it’s more than 20 minutes, get a fast pass. While you’re waiting you can do Country Bear’s Jamboree or the Tiki Birds. After Jungle Cruise, you can do Pirates of the Carribbean. Walk over to Frontierland and catch the train. You can either get off at the stop in Toon Town to look around at Minnie and Mickey’s houses, or ride to the front of the park. For a 4 year old little girl - that’s a pretty full day at the MK.

I’d do Prime Time Cafe at MGM for dinner, simple, good comfort food and it can be fun if you play along with “mom” - and let her play for a while at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.

I know this is probably more advice than you asked for, but I’m feeling chatty today…


Llama’s right. If you can’t switch your ADR’s stay with your plans. If you CAN switch ADR’s do it, though.

I would suggest Dumbo before Winnie the Pooh. Pooh has a fast pass. Dumbo doesn’t.


Chef Mickey’s is a great first night meal, it will get you in the Disney spirit right off the bat. Another option is 'Ohana at the Poly, great meal and no park ticket needed.

We were at the MK on a Saturday in July and walked on almost every ride, I was shocked, a day or two later was a different story.


This poor woman’s head is going to be spinning…but Cavey’s right. IF there is a crowd in Fantasyland, do Dumbo first.

Actually, I just read in the Official Guide (Birnbaum) that Monday is the busiest day at the MK - go figure. :huh:



When I was planning my first trip, I emailed Deb Wills personally emailed me to tell me to avoid MK on a Saturday (at the time, I didn’t realize what a big-wig Wills is in the Disney universe or I would have kept the email). Since then, I’ve always gone by her advice.


Actually, I’ve given up trying to “guesstimate” crowds. We went the first weeks in November last year and it’s always advertised as the slowest time - no way - the parks were incredibly crowded. My dh and I had one day back at the MK after our cruise - November 30, and the crowds were still unbelievable. I still think January through early February is still the best time to go.


I agree.

Twins, I think you’ve got some great ideas going here. I always recommend the Unofficial Guide to those not too familiar with WDW. The touring plans are great to use, even if crowds are light.


Looks like you have a lot of great tips. I will just agree with getting the fastpass for Peter Pan. The wait was over an hour on our last trip. :mickey:


I really don’t want to hijack this thread with a question of my own, but my question ties in with twins1023’s plans and the CM advise for the first night :flowers: I thought of just sending a pm to DT, llama or Cavey, but figure my question may help someone else in this boat.

As someone planning her first trip to the World (me), and my DH being warmer to Disney than twins’ best friend sounds, but not a Disney Nut like me, I thought Chef Mickey’s would be too much to start out with :huh: I am thinking our arrival night of easing my DH into the magic with 'Ohana or 1900 Park Fare as they seem to me to not be so busy. Maybe I have the wrong impression of CM’s–that impression being great food, lots of Disney interaction in a busy nearly show like atmosphere. That would be something I’d think a tepid guest would need to warm up to. Am I way off?


I was reading last night and it said I should do lunch at CP not breakfast. What do you all think?


I’m assuming that it is just the two of you? If so, Chef Mickey’s is NOT for you. Especially if your dh isn’t into Disney. CM is wonderful for children - it’s a wild place - but I don’t go there anymore. There are many places at WDW just for adults - where the “magic” is toned down, but you still have a great time. Here’s my advice - stay away from the character meals. They’ll just make your dh feel uncomfortable. No restaurant in WDW - other than Victoria and Albert’s is going to be really quiet, but here are some suggestions: Spoodles on the Boardwalk, California Grill, Brown Derby, the restaurants of the World Showcase. The Birnbaum’s Official Guide puts out a little guide “WDW for Adults”. It might be worth it to pick it up.


I think - no. Your stay at WDW is only for a short time and you’ll need that full day for touring the MK. A lunch there will take up to two hours out of your day. Stick with the breakfast - then you have the full day, uninterrupted to do MK.


If you choose to go with the Fantasyland first plan- and it’s a good one- you can really load up on the Fastpasses while you’re there; i.e, you can grab them for 10 minutes from the time you get them. This means you can get ANOTHER FP in 10 minutes- you don’t necessarily have to use them at that time. So with a 4 year old, you could do all of Fantasyland without fastpass in the morning, but then you have a lot of them that you can use later in the day as Fantasyland gets more crowded.

Did that make any sense at all?

Anyway, I think it’s a brave 4 year old who would like Pirates. I think it would make my 4 year old very nervous, but I could be wrong.


twins, I understand that if you go to the Tinkerbell shop right behind the Castle (by the Carousel) and your daughter is the fist at the door, she can be chosen to “wake up Tinkerbell” which would be a real treat! You might want to try it, as long as you will be there early anyway!


Thanks llama for answering my question :mickey:
It will be my DH, 3 kids and myself–I was just thinking I would ease him into a busy character meal–I just don’t want to overwhelm him that first travel day.


Oh - sorry - I misunderstood - I thought it was just the two of you.

With kids of course you have to do a character meal. Liberty Tree Inn, in the MK would be a good choice, or 1900 Park Fare Lane. They’re not as loud and wild as CM or the CP. Or, you could try The Garden Grill in the Land Pavillion at Epcot.