I have a problem that I need help with! My best friend calls on Saturday and says she wants to take her daughter that will be 4 in January to Disney. I say NO PROBLEM we pick January 20 for 3 nights. I call today get a room and tickets for All Star Movies air fare from Detroit roundtrip $136.00 per person. All Done! But my PROBLEM IS when I go with my family it’s never about the princesses I have 3 year old BOYS :angel: and all she wants to see is the princesses WHERE DO I START TO SEE THEM? :noo: HELP! :eek:


Try this site: :smile:


January is slow, so you still might get ADR’s for CRT. Give them a call, you might be surprised. If not, the princess breakfast in Norway at Epcot should still have some openings.


Character breakfast is a good place to go. CRT and Princess Storybook are both full of the princesses but if looking for Cinderella, CRT or 1900 Park Fare as she is not at the Princess Storybook breakfast. :mickey:


CAn we see the Princesses in the Magic Kingdom without doing a breakfast? and at PArk Fare who’s there? Thanks


You can see all the princesses in the castle forecourt show, Cinderellabration. You could always stake out a front row spot for the show and get up close and personal. I’m sure they’d wave to the kids.


In toontown at the Judges tent there’s usually a room for Cinderella. At Park Faire Cinderella, Prince Charming, and The Fairy GodMother is who was there in October when we ate there. Suzy and Perla too (the mice).

You can see Ariel in her grotto. Belle in the storybook gardens. Hmmmm… if you can’t find who you’re looking for just ask a CM, they know who, when, and where the characters will be!!!


this has a chart of all the characters locations. i hope this helps.


Ddoll is right but that’s only if you want to “see” them from a distance. If you want to meet them try all thats a different story. We met a few in the main Courtyard in MK, character dining is another great way for a more personal touch.


At 1900 Park Fare for dinner we saw Cinderella, Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, Suzy and Perla. For Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare we saw Mary Poppins, Alice, Mad Hatter and Tigger. :mickey:


Be sure to check the Times Guide for each respective park. It will have all the characters listed and when they will be available and where. If you still aren’t sure, ask any CM. We are more than happy to help! :mickey: