I am wanting to book a cruise for myself, DD and DDfriend. The departure date would be Aug. 20, 2009. I will have enough points to cover myself and DD. I am 24 points short of covering DDfriend. This involves borrowing points when June 1, 2009 rolls around, and banking points into that time. The DVC CM I spoke with said I have to use points or cash, not a combination. I am wondering what I should do? Also, do you know if I can book the cruise in advance when I don’t have all the points set up for it yet? Thanks soooooooooooo much!!:blink:


What about renting points from someone to make up the difference? You have them transferred to your DVC account and use them like you would your own. It’d be a whole lot cheaper doing it that way too!


Double post.


I would double check again with another CM. I haven’t done this yet but was told differently when I signed on with DVC, I was told that you could combine cash & points.