OMG! My camera just stopped working and I have to find a camera quick and have it overnighted! I’m leaving Friday to goto WDW! Which cameras have the best picture quality? I was told to try cannon…any suggestions.THanks!


I have a Sony Cybershot and absolutely love it, well, until the picture taking button fell off on saturday. They have them for around $130 at walmart. they are super easy to use & even easier to download!!


Love my Kodak Easyshare and my Kodak zi6 (takes pics and video). Good luck deciding so quickly! It stinks when things like that happen just before you leave on vacation.


I have a Nikon Coolpix, and though it takes great quality pictures, it acts up sometimes and delays to take the pictures. And sometimes when I turn it on, the screen stays black and I have to turn it off and turn it back on again, which is just annoying.

My dad has a Kodak Easyshare or whatever and it’s garbage. We stand there smiling like idiots for a minute before he can take and save the pictures. He got it on black Friday clearance for $80, though, so you get what you pay for.

My sister has a Sony Cybershot, and though it takes the lowest quality pictures out of all of ours, it is definitely the best. It takes the pictures fast and in good enough quality (7.5 megapixels is really all you need). I think it’s the only camera we own that I’d actually recommend.


Maybe his an older model? I never have wait time with my Easyshare or my zi6. Love, love, love them!


I have a Kodak Easyshare z650 and I love it. It takes great photos, even people have commented on how good my pictures are, and trust me I’m no photographer. It’s not a pocket sized, but it’s light and easy to use and self focuses and takes quick pictures.


I have a canon powershot and love it. Its from 2006 but I dont think I would ever giveit up. My last trip my nephew spilled some oj from a FL road side free sample place on the buttons of my camera so I was stuck for 3 days picking oj off but other than that I love it :laugh:


Kodak Easyshare but I suggest go with something 700 and up (Z885 is good) they also make an 1100 something and 12 something. I have C635 and it doesn’t like low light, the higher ones (newer versions) do better here.

Go to walmart if you have one local. Truthfully, most of the point n shoots are pretty much the same.

************ also get online right now and pre-pay for the disney photopass! that way you are sure to have great pictures!


I have had several Kodak Easyshare cameras and they take great pictures. You can get them at Walmart, Sams Club and Best Buy. They are basic point & shoot and also very reasonably priced. Have a great time!


Thanks everyone! I ordered one and had it overnighted!


What did you get?


Yay!! So excited for you! What did you end up getting?


Canon PowerShot SX110-IS Black ~ 9MP Digital Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom & 3" LCD…Sister’s boyfriend told me to get a canon powershot so I decided on this one! Would be horrible not to have a camera on my first trip to WDW. Have 2 4gb memory cards that hold about 2000 pictures each! And I’m wondering is this going to be enough!LOL!


I have a Canon Powershot S80, got it a few years back and I love it! You will not be disapointed! Congrats!!


We have a Canon Powershot and love it too! I also have a Canon Digital Rebel that is AWESOME!


You will also love the video quality as well, I make lil’ 2 min.videos and they are great . And Yes … you need more memory !!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

Have a blast …and remember you can never take enough pictures at WDW!


Idk… it’s an M1063.


I have a Kodak Z812 IS that I love! I love to take pictures and it has a lot gizmos for me to be creative with. There are so many makes and models, from basic digital to high end. I would go to a camera store, speak with a camera geek and explain what you are looking for and what you want to spend. Ritz Camera has a terrific sales staff who helped my daughter out when she bought her new camera this (an Olympus that also takes wonderful shots).


tell him to get a faster processing card. I noticed picture quality is the same but processing if much faster on the better cards.


You will most likely need more memory or take a laptop with blank disc and burn them off each night I did that last year. I took around 5000 pictures in 8 days of vacation…it was the last thing I did everynight after the family went to sleep.