I am having issues putting pictures in my trip report. Is there a trip report pics attachment or upload for dummies?


No, there isn’t anything “official”, as far as I know.
Go to your “advanced” box and look for the ‘manage attachments’ box below.
A window will open up and there you can add up to 4 of your pictures at one time. Then come back to this box and click on the paper clip up there - there are the links to your pictures, follow the instructions.
I hope this makes sense.
If not, let me know, I’ll help you via PM.


You can also use [IMG] codes to link photos from other sources online. I upload my photos onto photobucket. It’s faster, and I don’t have to resize my pictures.


I never resize my pictures to post here.


I used to have to resize but no longer have to.


Thanks guys, I am going to try again since I am snowed in.