I am helping two people plan their vacations. Aproximately how long before the fireworks do you rewcommend someone try to make ressies at california grill? Thanks!


About an hour. That gives you plenty of time if the seating’s are late.


At least an hour. If you eat earlier, they will allow you to come back to the observation deck.


I’ve frequently had reservations a half hour before.
The last time I had no problem being allowed upstairs.
The problem I had was that there was a 1 hour backlog of diners waiting for tables because of the selfishness and self centered attitude of diners who had long finished their meals and paid their checks straggling because they were worried they wouldn’t be allowed back upstairs or that they would be shown out if they gave up their tables.
What this caused was about 20 or so people to have to sit on the floor, against the wall and try to stay out of everyone’s way.
This isn’t normal, but it can happen.
As Boss said, you can eat dinner at any time and you will be allowed back upstairs to view fireworks that night.
Keep in mind that fireworks happen at 8 PM, 9 PM, or 10 PM on normal nights and 9:30 on hard ticket party nights.
Each time would have its own issues in relation to traffic in the restaurant.
Also, be very sure on 10 PM nights that you have your transportation back to your own hotel well planned. If you don’t get seated until 10:25 (like we were) you could very likely wind up finishing after midnight and the buses at MK might not be running any more.
As a side story, one night we were staying at the Contemporary and eating at Narcoossee’s. MK closed at 9 that night and we very nearly did not finish our meal by 10:45. With the time it took to walk from the restaurant to the monorail station, we just barely made the very last resort monorail of the night.
In ideal circumstances, the launch would also have still been running and we could have taken the launch back to the MK and walked to the Contemporary.
What almost happened was that I would have either had to get a taxi to take me back to the Contemporary or taken a bus to DTD and then a bus back to the Contemporary because you can’t just walk there and you certainly shouldn’t swim there, even though swimming would have been faster than the DTD route.
Equally as bad, the night we were seated late, I had planned on being able to get the bus from MK back to the Yacht where we were staying, but because of the delay in getting seated, we’d missed the last buses out of the MK and had to take a taxi because let’s face it, who wants to start playing around with 2 buses and a transfer that would get us back to our hotel no earlier than 1:30 AM.


Thank you all!!! You are amazing!