Well I am only in grade 11 at the moment, :blush:
but I have been planning on going to the Disney College Program forever.
My dream is to become a Disney Wedding Planner, I know there is a an Internship for that but you have to be an alumni.

I am from Canada, would I be better off going to an American College to take part in these internships and programs.
And I am also intrested in the Colleigate Courses, can anyone tell me more about that?

I have read all the sites, but because I am Canadian I don’t know how much applys.

Any information will help, thank you! :blush: :happy:


I have no idea about Canadian Universities…

Do you have a Canadian school in mind? CP tours colleges, and those are the universities that CP easily transfers to, but I think if you want to do it and your university allows, you can do CP with the possibility of not getting collegiate courses that transfer.

Depending on your major, the collegiate courses offered on CP might just transfer as electives. Since you want to be a wedding planner, your major would probably be communications or maybe business or marketing. CP offers those “major-related” courses that aren’t collegiate transfer courses. So just because you aren’t gaining college credit doesn’t mean you aren’t gaining experience. In my freshman year of college, I’ve gotten ahead with AP credit and taking extra hours, so my senior year is practically empty. Depending on how many hours you have/what you need for scholarships/what your university allows, you may be able to get a semester or two ahead, so CP wouldn’t put you behind in college.

You don’t HAVE to take college courses on CP. PrincessJill just finished up with her semester of CP, so she’s a wealth of information. Here’s her thread: And she also has a blog. I think you can find the link to that on the thread.


hi bieberlove :happy:

Are you opposed to the International Programs?

Since you live outside the US, you could do the International College Program or the Cultural Representative Program. Here is some info on these programs specifically for Canada:

If you did the International College Program, you have 2 options: Summer Work Experience or Academic Exchange Experience.

Summer Work Experience sounds like the US College Program, except that it’s 4 months long (rather than 6 or 9) and it’s over your summer break rather than during the school year. Your role options would be Operations, Merchandise, Quick Service Food & Beverage, Lifeguard, or Entertainment.

For the Academic Exchange Experience, it’s 6 to 12 months and you would take classes and get academic credit from US host universities. Roles here include Resort Hospitality/Front Desk, Concierge, Lifeguard, Character Performer, Culinary, Merchandise, Operations, or Quick Service F&B. For Merchandise, Operations, or Quick Service, you would rotate between 2 of those roles.

The International CP and Cultural Rep Program sound pretty awesome, and pretty similar to the US CP except for the length of the program and some role options. Maybe keep those programs in mind - then you could go to college wherever you want, you wouldn’t have to go to school in the US just for a few months of working at Disney.

Hope this helps! I’m by no means an International Programs expert, but if you have any questions about the CP in general, let me know! :happy:

ps. I didn’t take any Collegiate Courses - I did the Disney Exploration Series, which is not for credit. I took Exploring Guest Service and Exploring Leadership.


Thanks both of you,
I have no schools in mind yet, and I just thought the more disney experience I have the more likely I could become a Disney Wedding planner, or at least get an internship with it.

I am not against the International Program, I had just been told that the american CP had better opportunites.

I guess if I did the international I would apply for the Academic Exchange experience, I just wanted to find something that would relate closest to some kind of planning, whether its weddings or parties.


Well, I was pretty much going to say everything Jilly said! :laugh: hahaha. And I think it’s good you are already researching! It can take a while to learn all the in’s and out’s and feel comfortable with the program. Here’s some posts from my blog that may help you out! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hope you figure it all out! :happy:
Best of luck!