Help...10th Anniversary, no kids (4) Need Romantic Ideas


I am thinking the Polynesian is the most romantic of all the resorts, right? I want a place where we can totally relax and hang out when we’re not at the parks. We will be spending time at the resorts, so choosing the right one is a pretty big deal. Does that one run on the monorail line? I have to admit, I know very very little about Disney. I was there once as a little girl and it was the epitome of a nightmare vacation, so it will be nice to go again and hope that things turn out much differently this time. (Last time, my mom was flown back after a sudden onset of an illness which she ended up almost dying from, my dad and sister and I all got food poisoning at Epcot, and while we were away our cats were killed by wild dogs back home. See…nightmare.) It will just be my husband and I this time, celebrating our 10th anniversary, and we are getting Season passes as Florida residents in order to go at other times with our kids and their grandparents. Fill me in, and if you use abbreviations, please explain them. I am a total newbie at all of this. By the way, we currently have reservations at Port Orleans French Quarter, but are starting to wonder if that’s the most relaxing, romantic place to be. Thanks so much!


I just wanted to say WELCOME TO MOUSEBUZZ. I love your MB name,I share the same number ok kids(4). I would love to go to Disney on a romantic getaway,but my husband does not like Dsiney as much as me. So, I would have to have one really good surprise up my sleve to get him there. Good luck on your romantic quest. You will have a blast. I have been to Disney without my kids and husband and it was so much fun. Anyway, just wanted to say HI!!


welcome! we are glad to have you here! When are you planning on going?


oh, to answer you question, I think that the Poly would be very romantic, but I would prefer Animal Kingdom Lodge. Sitting on my balcony each monring with my hubby looking at all the animals on the savannah would be my idea of relaxing and romantic! but then again, I’ve never stayed at the Poly (been there several times for dinner at Ohana, but never stayed there.)


Our dates are December 6th-11th, a Sunday through Thursday


I would stay at Pop Century…LOL We have never stayed at the Polynesian but we have been there a few times for their Ohana Breakfast and their Spirit of Aloha Luau. We really enjoyed everything about the resort. I think no matter which resort you pick you will enjoy it. We have been married 21 years and went to NYC for 5 days alone. That was nice. Enjoy your time.


Poly is on the monorail line…

To my wife and I, Wilderness Lodge is very romantic. It’s all based on what kind of theme that you like. We like that illusion that you are “away from it all.”

I’ve never stayed at POFQ, but from what I’ve seen I could imagine it being romantic.



Welcome to MouseBuzz! You will find tons of information and friendly people here. We love to help plan other people’s vacations, especially when we don’t have a trip planned ourselves! :laugh:

Anyway, as someone has already stated, the Poly is indeed on the monorail system, which makes it incredibly convenient. I’ve not stayed there, but we stayed at Shades of Green, the military resort across the street, and walked through every day. It’s beautiful and exotic, I think you’ll really like it.

I have to recommend one dining option for you, though. My husband and I went to WDW last year for our anniversary, without kids, and we ate at the California Grill at the top of the Contemporary Resort one night. We had 8pm reservations and the fireworks were at 9pm that night. They have an observation deck outside that you can stand on and look at the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. We finished our appetizers, watched the fireworks, then came back in and ate the rest of our meal. Plus, they took our picture and emailed it to us, and gave us free glasses of champagne. CA Grill can be kind of noisy, but we were seated in the wine room, and it was so nice. There are only about 6 tables in there, it’s enclosed, so it was really intimate and quiet. Definitely request a table in there, if you can. It was, without a doubt, the best adult dining experience we’ve had at Disney World. I highly recommend it.

Best of luck with your decisions, and please let us know if you have other questions.


“Romantic” is such a personal choice.

We found Riverside to be lovely and romantic for us- because we were in the right state of mind!

California Grill is considered to be a great anniversary spot- but was probably the least romantic thing we did.

The romance is where you want to find it. Did you choose POFQ because something about it appealed to you? Then it’ll be great! If not, keep looking.


Romance is everywhere in WDW! Sometimes it’s in the places you least expect, or in the moments you can’t plan in advance.

I agree that the Polynesian is SO romantic! (It’s my favorite!) :wub: But if I’m being frank, most of the Disney resorts are exceedingly romantic. I would skip the Values for a special anniversary trip, but you can’t go wrong with any of the Moderate or Deluxe choices. They are all beautifully lit at night, with wonderful atmospheres and cozy little places to sit or stroll.

We are celebrating our 5th anniversary in May and will be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. :heart: It is beautiful and romantic, but a little more budget-friendly for us than the Polynesian.

I am sorry to hear that you had a nightmare vacation to Disney when you were younger. You are definitely on the right track to a great vacation this time - a little bit of advance planning goes a long way at Disney! :happy: I hope you’ll find all of the information you need here!


For our 10th, we stayed at the Poly for 8 days (club level, garden view).
While there, I surprised her with a vow renewal ceremony. Sadly, we had no guests because Hurricane Wilma came through the next day and nobody in South Florida was willing to leave home.
Of course, we’ve also stayed at WL, Contemporary, Yacht, and Beach for other anniversaries.
If you can swing it, the Contemporary Tower, MK view is also nice, especially if you get a room with the bed on the south wall. That way you can lay in bed and look at the castle. That’s pretty special, especially during Christmas.


WElcome to here. I suggest dinner a Victoria and Alberts. There is no better romantic dinner to be had in WDW.


Welcome to MB!!! Hopefully this trip will be much more magical than your last.

We’ve never stayed at the Poly but it is absolutely beautiful. We have eaten at O’Hana’s and enjoyed it. We’ve also sat on the beach to watch the water pagent and MK fireworks. They have swings to hang out on. There were a lot of people spending time together on the beach.

CBR (Caribbean Beach Resort) is a nice romantic resort if you want to save some money. They have hammocks on the beaches, the colors and theme make you feel as though you are on an island. As you can see, we love this resort. They have bus transportation.

Have fun choosing and planning!!!


Although I know many of you LOVE Pop Century, that is truly not the romantic resort I would choose. Its loud and active.

You’ve made a good choice for Port Orleans, French Quarter, as its much quieter and slower paced. You can take a carriage ride, or just stroll around the river. Looking at your dates, though, you may want to check the calendar because I believe Pop Warner is at Disney sometime close to those dates, and if that’s the case, you will have many football player and cheerleaders running around, as they use that resort as an overflow to the values.

My choice would be Animal Kingdom Lodge. There is something so special about this resort the minute you walk in the doors. The sounds, auroma’s of the spices in the air and the all out peacefulness of the decor is just wonderful. We definitely don’t have to be in the parks 24/7 when we stay there, as we truly enjoy the resort.


What else do you need to know about Disney- we can help… and we are very glad to give our opinions. We all have varied opinions, and we are all very nice- unlike some other places on the net. You will like it here, plus you can see how other people travel (all very different) and think about what works best for you.

You will have a great trip (keeping my fingers crossed), and enjoy every minute of it. Be sure to visit Epcot and the Animal Kingdom. I think that they would be great places for adults to go without kids… Your kids would love it by the way too…

Welcome to Mousebuzz.


I’ve stayed at the Polynesian several times, on a honeymoon and anniversary trip, and everytime it is equally romantic. Spend time walking the grounds, they are gorgeous. At night, grab a drink and sit on the beach to watch the fireworks over the MK and the electric water parade! Like some others said, make a reservation for the California Grill, it is a quick monorail ride away; the view and food are spectacular. Don’t forget to mention its your anniversary when you make your ADR’s, you may just get a surprise.