HELP!Anyone stay in a VRBO property?


I know, I know…shame, shame, shame on me for not wanting to stay on property but I’m very spoiled by my King size bed at home and just can’t sleep in a double with my husband…anyway.

I’ve been looking for a house to rent on the VRBO website and I finally found one to book then I got to reading the cancellation policy and quite frankly, it scared me. We’re not going until November but this particular person’s policy states that if you cancel 30 days out then you will still have to pay the full amount of the rental. Frankly I can’t afford to lose $1600 just in case some type of emergency would come up between now & then. Even the 60 days out states that you will have credit toward a home to use within a year.

I’m sure this is all very customary and I can completely understand the owners wanting this but it really scares me.

Has anyone ever stayed in one of these homes before? If so, I would appreciate hearing your experience. If anyone knows of any other sites to rent from or knows anyone that does rent in the Kissimmee/Orlando area, please let me know.


I appreciate anyone/everyone’s input. I know that it is quite a ways away but we’re kinda anal about getting our plans laid out/booked/tickets purchased (which they are), etc.



I can’t help you with your question but I wanted to tell you that Disney does have King and queen beds in some rooms. All the deluxe resorts have queen beds or a king bed. Would that be an option?


I’ve checked the rates for the length of stay at a deluxe resort and it is around $3000 for just the room. We’re staying for 2 weeks and celebrating our 20th anniversary. Our teenage (17) daughter is going with us and will either bring a friend or her boyfriend so we need someplace that will accomodate seperate sleeping quarters for us all.


If you don’t want to stay on property, Country Inn and Suites have very decent rates and King Suites. We’re staying there for a couple of nights during our March trip. Usually includes a full breakfast too. You don’t have to pay until checkin (unless you don’t cancel within the 24 hour stipulation)Just a suggestion…


I have stayed off property each time we have gone to Disney. Your rental price seems really high. The most we have paid for a 4 bedroom with pool was just over $1000. I don’t recall the cancellation policy. We stayed near Champions Gate recently and felt this was the best site near Disney. We were at the gates of each theme park within 20 minutes. It was mainly highway traffic and we avoided traffic lights…etc.Abbey At Westhaven Vacation Rentals

We also stayed at the CaribeRoyale which had decent size suites. You can find some good deals through Mousesavers to this place. (We paid $99 for the night that we were there)


The rate of $1600 is for TWO weeks w/pool and hot tub heat for a 4 bedroom home w/game room and located inside a gated community. I’ve searched for weeks on that site and called a few places, this isn’t actually too bad of a price but a ton of money to lose if something happens that we’re unable to go 30 days out.

Thanks for everyone’s advise so far.


i have used VRBO twice. Both times were beach trips (SC). The first time… we loved it… The second time we were equally excited until we checked in. It seems that some leasing companies advertise on there as well as the owners. Well, the owner had booked us, and the leasing company had booked the same place as well. So, fourth of July week, we suddenly had nowhere to stay. It was a disaster… for a few hours. It took forever for us to find somewhere else to stay…

The good part was that we weren’t ever charged for the trip…

And yes, the whole time I kept thinking that we should just drive to Florida, and that we were not that far from Disney. I would have been happy just to hang out at the hotel at that point… It would have been bare bones, but it would have forced us to relax!

So, good luck with the VRBO, but be careful-it is not exactly as clear cut as it seems!


Your price is good if it is for two weeks. I thought it was for just one week. I stayed in a gated community the last time and liked that option.
I have to admit I am always nervous until I actually check into the house. I’m never sure if everything will work out.
Just make sure you copy all email correspondences. Good to have if anything goes wrong.


I have heard a lot of people mention All Star Vacation Homes. It might be worth checking out, if you are not happy with the terms of the other place. I don’t know anything about All Star, but the name comes up a lot.