Help...Best rooms @ YC/Garden View/Concierge


DH & I are staying at the YC/Garden View/Concierge from 12/13 to 12/16/07 (then moving to BCV 2bdr. with Sis & family for 5 nights YIPPEEE). 13 to the 16th just DH & I, hopefully a little romantic getaway before the family arrives. We have stayed at the WL, Poly, AKL Concierge but never at the YC which we have wanted to do for awhile now. Does anyone have experience as to what rooms would be the quietest and still close to the Regatta Club Lounge? thanks in advance.


Not sure that these have the view you request, but I can tell you about where to go for quiet. We request to be the last room at the end of the hall, in a corner that faces towards the Swan/Dolphin, and facing onto the bus stop station. You do not hear the busses when they’re pulling in/out of the lot. These rooms are right near the stairwell, but I’ve never heard anyone using the stairwells. The lounge isn’t far away, you can get to it within a minute’s time.