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Everyone on this website has either gone to or planned on going to either DL or WDW. But every visit is both special and unique to every individual. I just wanted to make a list of helpful hints and tidbits for those who plan on going on vacation soon. So, I’ll get the ball rolling:

  1. Ride Splash Mountain during the fireworks. First of all, you will be able to walk onto the ride and there is nothing better than floating through the ride while fireworks are going off overhead.

  2. Take some time to check out the graves at the Haunted Mansion. Always a favorite of mine. Keep your eye on the face on the headstone.

  3. Get a hog dog on Main Street. You won’t regret it. Even with the price.


Take time in "its a bugs life’ queue line to really look at the tree of life… it is amazing!


We did this last year…unexpectedly…it was so much fun!! And it was empty, we got to just stay on the ride and ride it again! :laugh:


More more… I am taking this all in. Love helpful hints… tidbits… love it love it.


If you are an off-site guest,if you’re going to be paying the 9 dollar fee to park,valet park at a deluxe resort and take Disney transport to the parks.


Not quite true. Here is a quote from Anita Answer’s column at

"Q: Can we park at a resort for a meal and then leave the car there to take the monorail or boats to other parks?

A: No. The resort lots are only for the use of that resort’s guests and guests who are using the resort’s facilities on short visits, such as dining. Once you are finished dining, you must move your car. Many resorts have a sign posted at the parking entrances stating that they cannot provide parking for access to the theme parks. Some of them will give you a three-hour parking pass to put on your dashboard for the duration of your resort visit. "

Also, the Disney resorts frown on people re-using the old mugs from the last century :tongue: :eek: :wink: :cool: :ninja: :tongue: :closedeye :nonono2: :ninja: :pinch:


Oh boy…here we go…


I love these kinds of theards…


  1. Refillable mugs: Yeah, they “frown” on it, but I saw someone at POR last May filling up the old-school big mugs that said ‘DIXIE LANDINGS’ on them. we always buy new mugs wherever we go anyway, though. They are souvenirs that we see and use everyday all year long (I’m drinking some diet Coke from last year’s Polynesian mug as I type…)
  2. STAY ON SITE. Period. There’s no reason not to.
  3. DOLE WHIP: A family tradition of ours. We always have them when we visit MK. They are the best treat in WDW IMHO.
  4. Make dinner PS’s at Rose & Crown and ask for a seat by the lagoon to watch fireworks (you need to do this as early as you can, tho). And have the Steak & Prawns!
  5. Look for Hidden Mickeys!
  6. On a rainy day, head for the AMC theater at DTD (skip Disney Quest, a big waste of time…)
  7. STAY ON SITE. Period.
  8. Arrive at MK early (better yet, have b’fast PS’s at CP) and as soon as the rest of the park opens, grab a Fastpass for Space Mountain, head for Splash Mountain, then work your way around back around to Space Mountain.
  9. The BEST place to cool off on a hot-as-Hades day at MK is The Hall of Presidents. We love the show (always chokes me up) and it’s very relaxing in there.
  10. Pay close attention to the little female ghost above the door as you leave the Haunted Mansion (“Come BAAAACK…”). I made my entire family wait through the credits when we we went to see the movie of HM and sure enough - she was THERE.
  11. Best lunch at MGM- Sci-Fi Dine-In. Hamburgers are great and the shakes are the best in WDW
  12. You’ve just GOT to get some of those fabulous choclate-covered Rice Krispies Treats. They are as big as bricks and are fabulous! They are available at several places around WDW…
    Deluxe - Yacht Club
    Moderate - Caribbean Beach
    Value - Pop Century
    Off-Site - NONE!!!
  14. Favorite place to eat at DTD: Planet Hollywood (the bacon/shrimp sandwich and the Strawberry Shortcake - yum yum yum!!!)
  15. Fave sit-down restaurant at Epcot (tie) Rose & Crown and Le Cellier
  16. Fave sit-down restaurant at MGM: 50s Prime Time
  17. Fave sit-down at MK: Tony’s
  18. Fave fast-food at MK: Pinocchio Village Haus

Well, that’s enough for off the top of my head…Be back later with more.
OH WAIT - one more…

  1. Did I mention STAY ON-SITE?!?
    :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


I ducked, too.


Chicken! :tongue:


The last thread about cheap parking entered launch codes in the DC nuclear storage closet. Lucky for us the cool heads of d’nut and cavey prevailed.

“How about a nice game of chess?”


Got excited there for a second…I thought you were offering cheese! :wink:


Okay laugh if you may but what’s a Dole Whip and where do you find them?
10 years is alot of time to waste not going to WDW


Mmmmmmmmmmm Dole Whips! They’re at the Aloha Isle in Adventureland.

Dole whips are like pineapple juice/ice cream floats. They’re AWESOME!!!

Wish I had one now :sad:


hey, I’m cool. I won’t contribute another word to this thread, ummm I think :tongue:


Anyone can valet park at a deluxe resort. When you valet park,you can come back any time;there is no three-hour window applying to your car.


Yeah? Tell that to the guy at the Contemporary in 2002 who refused to even let me throught because the Disney Reservation system told him I had a PS for CRT and he wasn’t going to let me park, period. Eventually, I got a supervisor at the Contemporary, after not being able to find my way in to the TTC lot. I explained to the supervisor that I had a 3 PM reservation for a wave runner at Sammy Duval’s. Supervisor let me park and then proceeded to chew the guard a new one. On the other hand, I’ve had friends just self park, saying they were visiting me, and they never bothered to check if I was really there or not. Finally if you are a resort guest, supposedly, the parking pass you are given will allow you to park in any theme park lot as well as any resort lot. This rule IS open for interpretation, and can be affected by individual CM mood.


As the official Dole Whip ambassador, let me tell you one thing about Dole Whips - get the frozen ones, not the “floats.” (They look kind of like soft-serve [Dairy Queen] ice cream.)

WARNING - Be sure and eat them slowly or you’ll get brain freeze! (I should know, mine still hasn’t thawed out since last December…)


Man I wish I could get a Dole Whip around here somewhere. It’s supposed to be near 90 degrees tomorrow!!!:fork_off:


Are you TRYING to rub it in? Are you TRYING to tick a nerve? Hmmm? I cannot believe the thrmometer is going down again!

But a dolewhip/151 would go down nice.