Help....I am so down


We just got back from a wonderful Disney trip on 9/30. We had been planning that trip since 2002. Now we are back and won’t be going back until September 2011 (1,803 days to be exact) and I can hardly stand it. I am so down. I don’t want to wish away 5 years of my life so quickly but it is going to be such a long wait. We agreed on every 5 years (WDW isn’t DH’s dream vacation like it is mine so in order for him to go back and enjoy it that is the time frame we picked).

I decided to watch one Disney movie a month for the next 60 months as some what of a countdown for us. Need to buy about 10 more to get 60 so we don’t repeat any.

Sorry just had to get that out. I can’t even set my countdown clock on here because it only goes up to 2010.


Hang in there! We will all be here to keep you company…the time is going to fly!


Any chance you could do a three or 4 day friends only or parent/child ( you can play any part you wish) sometime between now and then? Sometimes disney has pretty good deals and sharing the cost is even better.


Grumpy I feel your pain. Same situation for me and DH. He has tolerated 2 Disney vacations within the last 12 months, so I don’t see any in our foreseeable future. I thought about trying a trip just for me next Labor Day to get me out of a family thing, but I just can’t do that to DS, he’d be heartbroken for me to go without him. DS is only 3, but has already been asking to go back, even though we were at DL in May. We’ll have to jealously watch everyone else’s plans together!


I am in the same exact boat you are. I have not been to WDW since '99. We were planning a trip for September '04 but I got pregnant. Now DH does not want to go to WDW till DS it 5. That would mean we would not go till '09!!! That would be 10 years!

We do have a deal that if I lose 50 lbs we can “discuss” going next September. I’m not gonna hold my breath. I am DYING to get DS to WDW. He LOVES Mickey and he LOVES Donald Duck (i don’t know why?)

Jo-Jo has a good idea. We should get together a bunch of MB’ers and just go together!

Lisa :mickey:


Grumpy -
I am so sorry…you sound SO sad…Hang out with us disney nuts and we will try to keep you going until the next time you can get there. Do like we all do and read trip report after trip report…it does help. Another thing would be to start saving for that trip…small bits here and there. You should esitmate what you are going to spend on the trip, divide it by 60 and make payments to yourself for that trip. Each payment will be one month closer to the trip…it’s a countdown of sorts and a paid in full trip.


I feel your pain. My DH does not care for Disney much,so I get together with other family members just so I can get my Disney fix. He does not seem to mind.He goes about once a year.That is enough for him. Although he does like the Crystal Palace CB. The food is awsome. So,when we go to MK ,we go to CP for breakfast. I think an all friends from mousebuzz is a good idea.


oh my…i give you alot of credit. i have a shelf life of 3 years before i explode, lol. and, thankfully, i haven’t had to explode yet, although there have been some close ones :eek: if it’s any consolation, you are in the right place here w/ mousebuzzers, no one will make you feel as if you’ve been there when you haven’t like a mousebuzzer!! :laugh:


I have already started saving all over again for the trip. That is one thing I have to do is have it all paid for before we go and then I can shop all I want at WDW without any worries.

It is just DH and I … no kids (another sad and horrible topic for me). I can’t imagine going without him so I won’t be making any trips before then without him.

Oh another depressing part for me is that I will be 40 when we go next.


Awww…I am so sorry! I know exactly how you feel, we live for Disney and spend all our time planning our next trip to disney!


You need to start keeping track of all the family time you put in that your DH loves. For example, when I mention it’s time for Disney, and I get that “roll the eye’s look,” all I have to bring up is Michigan, snowmobiling, Nascar, football, cars, rocket bikes, Pink Floyd music throughout my house every day, etc. and he gets it, that every once in a while we get to do what I want, which is Disney!


Aww, don’t be grumpy. I can commisserate with you. I am sort of in the same boat as you. I actually have a countdown in case something magnificent is going to happen that takes me back sooner than my family wants to go.
I hope that you took lots of photos. Read all the trip reports here. Write one for us. Sounds like you did have a really good time if you miss it already.

Hang in there.


grumpy keep your chin up!!! i haven’t been blessed with children yet either, and i will be 40 in 2 years, ugh :eek: i understand your situation. i know that you can’t imagine going to WDW w/out your husband, but you know, it might not be that bad. grab a girlfriend, your mom, etc. and go for just a long weekend, cheaply, to get a fix. you might be surprised how it holds you over to your full-blown trip w/ hubby. and, you might be surprised at how much you actually enjoy yourself!!


Awww, grumpy. Maybe you can make little tiny day trips in/near your area to look forward. For example, DH and I got tickets to see Lion King, which always gives a little Disney boost, etc. I see you live in Kansas and I am not sure what attractions they offer near you but I bet time will fly by if you plan some things in between.


You poor thing ~ you really do sound so sad :frowning:

I agree with the suggestion of taking a trip with a friend…remember, you only live once!! If your heart’s with the mouse and you can’t bear waiting 5 years, then why do that to yourself??

You never know what the future will bring…


Awwww Grumpy :wub: I am off for my first trip to WDW in a few days, then it will be a while before I strong arm my DH into going again, I’m afraid. And even though Dl is a drive away, I think that might even be off for a while. As my countdown gets smaller, I feel a little more sad. I think I need a shrink, lol.

I know you said you two picked the time frame, but maybe that 40th birthday will be the magic thing to get you back sooner. Or maybe a trip to California (or Mexico cruise from LA) with a few days at DL :mickey:


Oh dear - I’m sorry you’re so down.

Don’t dismiss going with a friend or family member. I use to think I could never go without my dh, but last March, on a whim, my oldest dd and I went for a week. It was wonderful - and my dh, sweet guy that he is, was happy that we were able to have an unexpected trip. You should speak to you husband about it.

As Beth said - there’s give and take.


Hey, Grump… can you bend the rules a little, save up a bit here and a bit there, and then book a cheap-o trip to take the edge off… maybe in a year or so? You could drive it in a couple of days from Kansas…


So sorry your feeling down. We also are suffering PDD.Write a TR and you can relive your trip all over again.Also keep reading all the recent Trip Reports out there and I think it helps.It sure does help me.


Try tempting him to go on vacation to Japan or Hong Kong or Paris. Then when you get there mention they have a Disney so you may as well go for the day