Help....i Need An Ariel Cake Pan!


Does Anyone Have An Ariel Cake Pan That I Can Buy Or Borrow? My Daughter Is Having An Ariel Party And The Ones Selling On Ebay Are Outrageous!! Thanks D’anna


I had the same problem, I bought it off ebay for almost $30 dollars back in January! We had an Ariel party too, and it wouldn’t be complete without that…


I don’t know where you’re located, try this retailer:

Send them an email to see if they have it. They are local to me, and they have lots of Little Mermaid supplies.

I would have to go into the attic to see if I could dig mine out, but I wouldn’t sell it…only borrow…

I’ll upload a pic of the cake later…I also did Ariel, sebastian and Flounder chocolate lollipops, and sugar cookies in shapes of seashells, starfish and seahorses…just some ideas for you



Here are some of the pics from my DD’s Ariel party…hope they atleast help with some ideas…and let me know if you find the cake pan…you can also try can refer you to a retailer in your area that would carry the cake pan

Also, has lots of seashore/mermaid decorations you can use. We ordered fish nets and threw them all over the house and windows and hung fish and crabs from them…the kids loved having their pictures taken in front of those!



(Kippage had a trist with cake pans not soo long ago)


Wow Princess Pooh those are really great!

cld, I hope you are able to find one.


Princess Pooh - those are GORGEOUS! You’re so talented.!


Thanks for the pictures and the great ideas. I love the cookies. I will check out the ideas…thanks.


PP, those pics are GREAT!!! You do nice work. My son’s birthday is in October, I am placing my Disney order now! ( :wink: )