Helping a friend


I have a friend I chat with a lot. She lives waaay up in PA and is trying to plan a trip to WDW for Feb. She has 7 kids-1 special needs (she has CP, and had surgeries and will end up needing a wheel chair for most of the trip I think.) Then 2 adults. All of the kids will be in the 3-15 yr old range. (Hope I remember the ages correctly:blink:)

She’s planning for a 5-7 day trip. She wants the most bang for her buck. I told her about buying points, booking 2 adjoining rms, etc. She’s waiting on the deals for 2010 to be released and so forth. Is there anything I’m missing? Something that she should do to maximize her trip? She is trying to save money any which way she can just to see if she can. She will be flying down or driving, depends on the deal etc.

Any ideas? Things she should do?



How about renting a house? There is at least one member here that has a house for rent. I hear that that’s pretty economical.
Wow, a trip with that many kids, wow.


Yeah I told her about AllEars and they’re house rental area, All Star Rentals I think it is? She’s just going to see what pkgs come out, and plan from those for the most part. She is just wondering if staying on property would be easier in the end.

If she doesn’t stay on property she’d have to drive. If she stayed on property she’d be able t use Magical Express, buses, monorail, etc.

Yeah I thought I was nuts with 5 kids, ha, still 2 less than 7. :blink: