Helping a friend


Alright, I need some info from all those MB’ers who make this their hobby and those who make saving money a hobby.

I have a friend, who is driving to WDW w/ her dh, and 3 kids (6, 4, 1) next Aug/Sept/Oct for 7 days. Her in laws will fly in, as they don’t want to sit in a car from Texas to Fl. There will be 7, possibly 8 in the party. 4 adults 3-4 kids. They want the most bang and WOW for their buck. They want Moderate or Value (I’m trying to lean them towards a Mod since I think POFQ, CSR, and CBR are more their thing.) They’d like DDP w/ TS, and PH’s. They do not care if the rooms are connected or if it’s a Villa, though I think they might be happier w/ connecting rooms since they want to be closer to MK & want the theming that comes w/ a Mod/Value.

I told her I’d ask to see what would be the best deal, what deals might be out there next summer, and what places are a MUST for a 6 yr old & 4 yr old Princess wannabes. (She already knows Cinderellas Royal Table will be a To Do.)

Any thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I’ve given her my opinion and she wants to hear others also. I’m giving her links to all the sites I’ve found, was told about, and people I know irl and online so she can make this choice.

Did I mention it’s for the 6 yr old dd’s, 7th b-day? So it has to have WOW! factor yet be affordable since she is a SAHM and her dh is the only one who works.

Help me out guys! She is going insane, she has a friend who is a travel agent trying to tell her to never ever go to Florida in the summer, yet she doesnt’ want her dd to miss school.


Look at HappyCamper’s thread titled “Calling all MBers!! A friend in need!!” which is currently answering the same questions. Hope this helps.