Helping a pal with 5 kids


My friend is a mother of five. Grandma just called to give her a present…$2500.00 towards a family trip. (Money is tight, so this is a wonderful surprise) She’s thinkin’ Disney for Spring Break. Of course, now is not the time to plan a trip for April. She’s already discovered that all value resorts are sold out for her family size. (7) As her pal (and because I’m Disney crazy), I thought I’d do a bit of investigating on her behalf…

Can DVC members rent out? If so, is this a possibility this late in the game?

Does anyone have any other ideas?


yes, DVC members can rent points to non-members. DVC requires a lot of planning during busy times, a lot of holidays need to be booked 7-11 months out. I really don’t know how hard spring break/Easter is to book as I’ve never tried but Christmas and Thanksgiving book solid well before a month or two out.

Would she consider waiting until just after school gets out? It may be warmer but the parks won’t be any more crowded than spring break.


Did you try a cabin at FW campground. she might want to consider staying off site. They have suites at Lake Buena Vista. Personally I don’t like to stay off site but she might be able to get a good deal if she looks at


As the mom of five (now grown) also, I can’t imaging being in the World with during spring break. If I were her, I’d be looking at another time with less demand.


My thoughts exactly. I think she and her family would better benefit from a trip planned out a bit more and at a time when it’s not as crowded. $2500 is going to be tight regardless of where she’s stays unless it’s off property. Her best bet is a two bedroom if she is going to try and rent points and she should try at OKW where the points aren’t as much as the other DVC’s. If this is her very first trip to WDW, she is going to need some planning time. Help or not, trying to go to WDW during spring break with zero planning time is insane…she’s not going to have a good time and that would be a total waste of the generous $2500 she was given.


Good Point Dana. Have to agree with you.


Will she be driving to Disney? If so, I would consider renting a house off site. It would accomodate a large family and she could do a lot of cooking at the house which will also save money. The money will go very quickly once you purchase tickets…etc…


I too would suggest renting a home in nearby Kissimmee. Most of the $2500 will go on tickets alone for a family of 7. The less you have to spend on food in the parks, the better. If they HAVE to stay on property, definately consider renting DVC points but otherwise, I would opt for off property.


Thanks everyone. She did end up renting a place off-site, is driving instead of flying, purchased non-park hopper passes, etc. She (and the family) are soooo excited to go…

I am happy for her. :wub:


[QUOTE=HappyCamper;948386]Thanks everyone. She did end up renting a place off-site, is driving instead of flying, purchased non-park hopper passes, etc. She (and the family) are soooo excited to go…

I am happy for her. :wub:[/QUOTE]

You’re a good friend! Also tell her about the Unofficial Guide by Mike Sehlinger, and

Both will help her get the most out of her vacation (and her $$).


What about the buy 4 get 3 free promo or wait till Aug Sept and get free DDP? If not Best Western lakeside is a very nice off property location and it was very cheap. I think I paid $28 per night last March.


Thanks for the additional tips. She’s bought the book, checked out the site, and did get the deal for Spring break. (And, as an added bonus, it’s her mom’s b-day while they’re there…so they’re opting for credit to add to the kid’s souvenier funds) She and I have had a BLAST talking about it…She says I’m one of the only pals she knows who truly understands how and why she’s so Disney crazy right now!..:phone: