I will be headed to WDW at the end of May and we (myself & my 8 year old son)have the dining plan. I have no clue where to go for counter service or sit down meals. I know I’d like to go to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast a day or so but who else offers great breakfast or lunches. How is the dinner at Chef Mickey’s? I’m lost. Any suggestions?


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Chef Mickey’s for dinner is, IMO, your typical solid Disney dinner buffet.

I struggle with Disney for breakfasts. The buffets and ‘all you care to eat’ skillets are all similar. I’ve never eaten there, but Kona Cafe gets very high marks for breakfast.

For counter service, I just found my new favorite place - Tangierine Cafe in Morrocco at Epcot. I also enjoy Tusker House in Animal Kingdom and Pecos Bill’s in Magic Kingdom.



My favorite sit downs are as follows :Chef mickeys’, Crystal Palace and Breakfastsaurus for character meals. O’hanna, Momma Melrose, Whispering CAnyon and Lecellier for noncharacter sitdown meals.

Favorite Coutner service: ABC Commisionary and really any…they all are the same to me.

Save your dining plan for dinners. You will get more bang for your buck that way. Pay for your breakfast and then use the dining plan for lunch and dinner when the prices are higher.


Go to the disney site. Click Tickets & Reservations, then click the free dinning promo. There is a pink area in the middle that says (selected restaurants) Heres the restaurants you can use. Now just print. Hope this works for you. Tina :flowers:


We really like Columbia Harbour House in MK for lunch. A nice change from burgers and fries. If you haven’t done it yet, I highly recommend the website. They list the menus for all the restaurants at Disney. This gives you the best idea of what you would be eating. For fun meals and good food, I also recommend Ohana’s at the Polynesian and Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness lodge.


My son is a picky eater. He does not like meat on the bone nor does he eat things that look funny.



Jenn, take note of the places recommended to you and those that sound interesting. Then go to and check out the menus. There you can see if the food in a particular place will suit you and your child.


My favorite sit down meals: breakfast at Chef Mickeys, any meal at Crystal Palace,dinner at Cape May, San Angel Inn, Concourse Steak House, LE CELLIER, 'OHANA (my two faves!!!)

My favorite Counter Service meals: Pecos Bills & Cosmic Rays at MK, Cantina de San Angel at Epcot (Mexico), Tusker House at AK and I don’t have a favorite at MGM.


If you happen to be at Downtown Disney for lunch be sure to try earl of Sandwich.
It’s really good!

Your 8 year old might enjoy the Sci-Fi Diner at MGM.


Ohana’s for breakfast is also a character meal: Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto wander among the tables interacting with guests. It’s a great meal. Other than that, the buffets, both character and non- are the best deals economically (though since you’re on the dining plan that’ll already be taken care of). I still think they offer the best meals, especially breakfast at any of the places. For both breakfast and dinner, try Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. They have a regular breakfast buffet. Dinner is African-themed dishes, but they also have mac and cheese, chicken tenders, french fries, so your picky eater should have no problem eating his fill there. Hollywood and Vine at MGM is also a great dinner buffet. And, if you like seafood, Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club resort is terrific. And also, for a sit-down lunch or dinner, Prime Time 50’s Cafe is great. Counter service: Pecos Bill’s, Cosmic Ray’s at MK, Tusker House at AK, Electric Umbrella (Epcot), Fountainview Cafe (light breakfast) at Epcot, The Norwegian bakery at World Showcase (Epcot), Cantina San Angel (Mexico, World Showcase)…haven’t tried the counter service places at MGM. That’s about all I can think, but I think the idea of checking menus at is a good one.


I agree with quakercub about Boma for breakfast. It’s an awesome buffet.
Also Crystal Palace for character breakfast at MK, although 8 yr old boys sometimes think the Pooh characters are too childish.

For sit-down you can’t go wrong with LeCellier at Epcot. I think even a picky eater would like the food there.

For fun, Whispering Canyon at WL is good, better if your child is not terribly shy as the servers sometimes interact with the guests and very sensitive children might not like that!

Most kids really LOVE Sci-Fi at MGM. It can be a bit pricey, but you can’t beat the atmosphere (milkshakes are awesome too!)

We like Tony’s at MK for soup, pizza and sandwiches, but not so much for the spaghetti. (DH makes much better sauce!)

I could go on and on. Most of all the restaurants on property are great.

And hey, if you are still lost, just let me know and I’ll be happy to be a tour guide!!!


I suggest getting The Unofficial Guide and reading the reviews.


1900 Park Fare at the GF for breakfast.

Cosmic Rays for lunch at the MK

Ohana’s at the Poly for dinner


'Ohana does a very nice breakfast! With characters! They serve “family style”, by putting a large plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and Mickey waffles! You just dish out what you want, and if you finish, they bring more! :mickey:


This is such a great site I love it. I am totally lost in the sea of great places to eat it’s hard to pick where and which meal. Especially with the dining plan. I think since one will most likely be character themed every day and most likely a buffet that there will be no need to eat 3 meals a day. The one sit down meal and one counter service will be just fine. Can you use the dining option in Downtown Disney???

Thanks again

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You sure can, but your options are more limited.
Here is a link to the offical Disney brochure with all the dining options listed.