Here are my touring plans


Okay, here is my touring plan. I’m not going to put times or anything in, just what our day entails.

We arrive on Sunday August 12:
-check-in, explore resort some. Pick-up our refillable mugs and get my DD an autograph book.
-If room is ready, we will shower and rest some. If our room is not ready, we’ll hit DTD for awhile and wander around.
-O’Hana’s for dinner
-MK in evening. This is an EMH night, so how long we stay depends on the crowds. We won’t hit this park too hard, being we just traveled, but it is a must for us to go to MK on our first day!

Monday August 13:
-Head to MGM for am EMH
-lunch at H&V with Little Einsteins and JoJo Circus
-head back to resort to swim and rest
-may head back here in evening to see a couple shows (Not really sure where we will end up- my boys will probably vote for MK)

Tuesday August14:
-Our Epcot day
We’ll get here at park opening and do what we can
-Late lunch at Le Cellier
-head back to resort for some R&R
-head back to wonder around WS for awhile and see Illuminations

Wednesday August 15:
-Breakfast at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus
-tour AK Hit the safari ride and EE!!!
-my DSs want to do Kali so it will be in there somewhere too!
-I would like the see the parade, so we will somehow get that in
-back to resort to rest
-open park evening -I’ll let the gang decide!

Thursday August 16:
-PIRATE ADVENTURE CRUISE at GF!! My boys are excited!
-I would like to wonder around the GF while they are doing this
-We’ll head to MK for a bit after they are done and grab lunch
-rest in afternoon at resort (i.e. swim, swim and more swim!)
-dinner at Whispering Canyon
-not sure what we will do after this

Friday August 17:
-Kind of a free day to wonder to any attractions we want to do again. I guess this depends on where we go for our free evenings. It’s EMH at MGM in am and MK in pm
-we have dinner reservations for 1900 PF, or as it is temporarily, the Grand Floridian Cafe. My DD is excited about dinner with “Rella”.

Saturday August 18: Last Day:crying:
-breakfast at Chef Mickey’s!
-we will wonder over to MK for just a bit( won’t do too much-just say good-bye)
-hit DTD possibly
-head home in evening

Of course this is all subject to change, but I like to have something in place to give us direction. And you may notice that I did not put any CS restaurants because frankly, I don’t know-we’ll just wonder until we decide to eat and pick a place. I do want to try Sunshine Seasons because of some previous postings. We will definitely go to EoS for the first time and I am excited about that! We usually do Columbia Harbour House and Pecos Bills.
So that’s my plan -feel free to add comments and suggestions, because I can use all the help I can get!!:wink:
We have a lot of MK in place because my kids are little and they love this park so we will spend a lot of time here! Thanks for looking!:heart:


Your plans look great! Ohana’s for dinner on your first night is going to be awesome! What a great way to start your vacation. Looks like our trips will overlap, perhaps we will run into one another!!


We just might-your countdown is getting too!! How exciting! Where are you staying?


Looks awesome to me, and then again all I could see was where you were eating. I guess thats because I am hungry right now. I will look again later at your park schedule. I go into depth when I usually plan our parks, setting up my excel spreadsheet with all the schedules for the EMH & Not To Miss Shows along with the parade schedules. :blush:


POFQ :happy:

What about you?


Your plans look great. Ohana’s on the first night is going to be a great start to it all.

Is December EVER going to get here!!! :crying: :crying: Sorry…I forgot this thread isn’t about me it is about how excited we all are for YOUR upcoming trip:laugh:

Have a WONDERFUL trip and I can wait for your TR:whistling


sounds great. We for the most part have a game plan for what park we are going to when we wake up that day. But since it is going to be just the two of us on our next trip we can do a little more planning out like you.


those plans sound great - very relaxed & laidback - lots of room to do whatever suits you at the time! it’s gonna be awesome!!


We are at POR! My boys want to wander over to POFQ at some point to try out the pool and slide! We were originally staying at POFQ but with the new discount code they came out with a few weeks ago, we were able to save about $300 to switch to POR.


But I will be wishing my trip wasn’t over when I get to read about your wonderful trip- you get to go during the holidays- that will be great!


Cool! That’s a great savings! I like POR too! Then we might have a good chance of running into each other, because my boys will be in the pool probably every day!