Here are our ADR's


Tell me what you all think . . . we have a 3yo dd and 19mo ds. And have the Deluxe Dining Plan and are staying at AS Movies.

9/6 Mickey’s Backyard BBQ @ 6:30 pm
9/7 CP @ 8:25 am
CM @ 6:25 pm
9/8 Tusker House @ 8:30 am
9/9 Akerhus 8:40 am
9/10 open
9/11 CRT @ 8:25 am
LTT @ 6:30 pm
9/12 CMC 8:25 am
Garden Grill @ 6:30 pm
9/13 H & V - Playhouse Disney 8:30 am
9/14 Ohana’s @ 8:30 am

We figure on lunches at the resort to unwind and take a breather. So too ambitious? I am wavering in my first line of thinking, that this is one week out of the year to have as much fun as possible . . .:ohmy:


you have some great choices! you’ll have a great time!




You have great choices with alot of characters. I love doing character meals because I don’t have to wait in line to see those character, they come to me!! Your 3 year old will LOVE all the meals and DS should be good and distracted which for our 14 month old DS is always a good thing! Have fun!


That is what I am hoping . . . good and distracted.:blush:


Sounds awesome! I have the same plan, early out, break in the middle of the day back out at night. Let me know if it works and have a great time!



Thanks. Will do . . . looks like we will be there around the same time. I hope the weather is nice.


It looks like a lot of fun for your Kiddos!! Our favorite is Akerhus, yummy and your DD will love the princess!!! Have a great time!!


Your choices loook good.

One question–Is this your first trip? The reason I ask is not every child likes characters and you have a lot of character meals if one of your kids ends up being scared of the characters. Just something to think about.


Great ADRs! I loved LTT for a character meal, I’m sure you will too, the food is great.


Not our first trip with our dd, this will be her second, however it is our first trip for our ds. He may not like them, but he is a mama’s boy, so, so long as I am holding him he will be good.


Thanks, we are looking forward to it. So is our dd.