Here are our plans for Easter weekend!


So we decided to not do the DDP this time and not do a meal everyday. This has been extremely hard for me but I did get DH to agree to 3 meals so this is what I have planned:

Friday March 21 (Good Friday) Check in to CSR. Go to MK probably CS at Pecos or Cosmic Rays.

Saturday March 23 AK – Tried for Yak & Yeti but they are not accepting ADRs yet. So no meal planned, depending on the menu when one is released I may try Tusker for lunch.

Sunday March 24 (Easter) Epcot – Garden Grill Lunch

Monday March 25 MGM – Mama Melrose Lunch

Tuesday March 26 Check Out – MK – Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch

So all 3 of these are new to us. We’ve done LTT for dinner but never lunch and the menu looked yummy! We like doing lunches because it gives us a break in the day. Just wanted to share because it seems like March is SOOOOOO far away and this helps the PDD.


I like your plans. I would definately peek at a menu before booking tusker. I am certain it will be just fine, but look into it anyway.