Here fishy fishy fishy!


So, since THAT’S my idea of how to fish, I have some questions.

I want to plan something special for my DH and DS6. I was thinking about the 2 hour guided fishing tour in Bay Lake but want to know a few things.

1)How much is it? I’ve seen roughly $200
2)Can you leave from Fort Wilderness?
3)How early can you go?

I know they won’t want to miss park time so I was hoping there was like a 6 or 7 am launch. That way they can go and get back early the day we hit the water park.




here’s a good place to start Fishing Excursions | More Sports | Amateur Sports | ESPN Wide World of Sports


My DH and DD have done this a few times. I think they went around 7 AM, and we had a coupon for 20% off. They love fishing in Disney, and the guides were great.