Here it is! New promotion!


Bob Iger announced the new promotion for next year!! Give a day… Get a Disney Day!!! I also love the use of the Muppets to promote this!!

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So, it IS easy being green?


Video on Youtube.
YouTube - Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Disney Day announcement 9/29/2009 - Part 2 of 2


…are they serious? Thats all it takes? Volunteer work? Disney’s getting reaaaally desperate for crowds…

On the plus side, I am TOTALLY DOING THIS!!!


I clicked on the link and looked at the FAQs. Here’s one questions…

How can I find out if the organization I volunteer for is included in the program?

Volunteer opportunities are handled through HandsOn Network. Please visit their website at Give a Day. Get a Disney Day. | HandsOn Network for more information on the volunteer organizations included their network.

I clicked on the “hands on” link. Looked at “directory of centers” and this is what I found…

Home > Volunteer Centers > Directory of Centers


Sorry to report that currently there are no Points of Light Member Volunteers Centers in Pennsylvania.

To find a complete listing of all Volunteer Centers within your state or surrounding states, return to the State Selector map and click on a state.

Learn about other volunteer opportunities in your area by connecting to local:

* Connect America Partners
* Corporate Volunteer Councils
* Kids Care Clubs
* Senior Corps opportunities
* Unity in the Spirit of America opportunities
* USA Freedom Corps opportunities

You can also contact local community centers, literacy groups, schools, or places of worship for specific service opportunities in your community.

So does that mean those in PA don’t get it. Or that the sunday school class that I’ve been teaching for over ten years would count, since it mentions churches???


I hear ya jo jo. I wondered about the hours my scouts put in with community service…days at the food bank packing/sorting food, toy 4 tots distribution, planting trees, labeling storm drains, adopting flower beds at schools and the list goes on & on.

Edit* to add that after following more links to other different volunteer centers available, being a Girl Scout Leader does qualify you for this program. Since one of the participants to this program is United Way (which is our backer) now I just need to find out if the girls qualify.


How does this work if you have a package booked? Is it being handled the same way it was for the get in free for your bday thing and you have options? just curious. I think it’s nice that WDW is rewarding people for doing the right thing. I don’t think it’s an act of desperation at all. How many other companies give you free admission for doing the right thing and volunteering your time?