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My 20,000 post and my trip plans–

Day one-- we land at MCO at 9 am. We’re taking DME to BWV. We’re hoping to be there, checked in, and on our way to a park by noon. We’re planning to grab both lunch and dinner at counter service restaurants but we’ll just see where we are and what we’re in the mood for at the time.

Day two-- We’re still not sure about where we’re starting the day. We have a 7 pm ADR for 'Ohana. We may hit MK after dinner if we’re in the mood.

Day three–The plan is to spend most of the day at Blizzard Beach. We’re going to walk over to Epcot for dinner at La Hacienda at 7:45.

Day four-- We check in to BVC this day (YEA!). I think we’re doing Epcot this day and an early Dinner at Sci-Fi.

Day five-- I think we’re going to Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours then hit the pool for a couple of hours. Dinner is at Hoop Dee Doo. We have heard about the changes to the show but haven’t seen it yet.

Day six-- We have an early ARD at Chef Mickey’s then we’re going to hit MK for a few hours.

Day seven–Pool day! The plan is to spend the morning and part of the afternoon at the pool then go to Downtown Disney for some shopping. After we’re shopped out the plan is to grab some sushi at Komono’s (YUM!).

Day eight–I think we’ll stay close to our resort and enjoy our last partial day at Epcot so we can walk back for our DME pick up. We’re not sure about lunch yet but we’re thinking about Teppan Edo, Biergarten, or Chef’s de France. Chef’s is a usual choice so I think we’re going to try something else.

The rest we’ll play by ear. We’re not worried about ‘doing it all’ so we haven’t planned much beyond some ADRs and a rough idea of where we’ll be each day. We’ll watch Wishes and IllumiNations at some point during the trip. However, all plans are subject to change.


Congrat’s on the 20,000th post. It was worth waiting for. It also sounds like you have a great vacation planned. Can’t wait to read your trip report and see your pictures.


Beautiful post and plans. Congrats to 20,000 posts


I can’t think of a better 20,000th post. Congrats on that and your fantastic trip plans! They look awesome!


Awesome post. Last night I was perusing old CC threads. I found one talking about Dana reaching 9,000 posts (and sole access to the Cavey Cam). Time flies!


Great plans.

20,000 posts, man I am such a slacker…

It’s good to know folks like you and Dana and the other high count members keep the place running. While I am not here all the time, I can’t begin to tell you how much this little spot on the web means to me when I do need it!

Best always,


Congrat on #20,000. I can’t imagine having that many posts. And think what the could would be if they included the Chit Chat posts. :eek: Geeesh.


Congrats on your posts AND your trip! Sounds like a great plan. We are with you on the ‘loose’ planning. I feel too much pressure to stay on schedule otherwise!


Plans look awesome and congrats on the 20,000 posts!


Great plans and many congrats on 20,000 posts.


My oh my, how time goes by!:laugh:
DT one of our all time greats!!:blush: