Here we go again!


I just got the news Sunday that I got accepted into the CP again!! This time I’ll be in Merchandise! I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!!


Congratulations! Have fun!


Congratulations! When do you start? and where will you be?



Can’t wait to hear all about it! Keep us posted!!


Congratulations!! Let us know when you have details.


Congratulations! I hope you love it!


Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the details!


How exciting! Be sure to tell us where so we can all stop in and say “hi!”


Definitely let us know where you will be…and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS.


yaaaaaaaay congratulations!!! :happy::mickey::happy:

Please keep us updated on things! I’m dying to spend a summer working for the Mouse, so I’ll be living vicariously through your posts. :laugh:


That’s great!! Let us know which location you will be placed at.


Sounds exciting! Congrats!:heart:


Congratulations! I hope you have a super time! I miss the CP so, so much. So many things about it are so yucky, but I still miss it!


Wow! I just read this today!! I’m so excited you’re coming back!!! Let me know where you are at. We’ll have to plan a new hidden Mickey hunt!!!:laugh:


Congratulations!! Keep us posted on what’s going on.


How exciting! CONGRATS!!!


Thanks guys, I’m coming down Jan 28th. Won’t know where my location is until then but I promise to keep u all posted!!!


With merchandise you could be anywhere!! Where would you like to work? Back at MK or may DHS?



I’m very interested in doing the Disney College Program next year and was wondering if anyone could share their experiences. Thanks!


That is great news… have a blast and congrats.