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with disney raising the price on the park tickets, everyone is all in a huff about it. i just had a thought that makes me realize there is no need to huff over a price of a ticket:

yesterday, rob and i went to Great Adventure for his birthday. for one day, a ticket costs about $64. yeah, that’s a lot of money for one day in a theme park.

if you go to one of those little amusement parks where you have to buy tickets that you need to get on rides, you spend about that much money on those tickets. Jerseyans ought to be familiar with Keansburg where you buy all of these tickets for your kids to go on the rides. once you go through the tickets and junior still wants to go on his favorite ride for the 6th time, you have to buy more tickets.

now, you go to a bigger amusement park, like WDW or Great Adventure and you spend that much money on one ticket to get in the park. that one ticket gives you the freedom to go on whatever ride as many times as you want without the stress of “do i have enough tickets to go on more rides?” you also get shows at the bigger theme parks and parades, too!!! do these little parks where you buy individual tickets to give to the ticket collector at every ride have shows and parades? no.

i know it may sound expensive for some to have to pay $67 or whatever the new price is to get into MK or AK or MGM or Epcot, but think of all that you can do with that one ticket compared to if you had to buy individual tickets and had to rip off 8 to go on Space Mountain?

that’s my philosophy and thought for the day. haha.


I agree. When you break it down to say a 10-12 hour day the cost is about $6.00/hour. Sure it’s painful to pay the price of a one day/one park ticket, but most of us save a bit by buying the package deals. Expensive? You betcha. Worth it? I say absolutely!!!:mickey:

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That’s definitely true. I think that’s why I don’t go to the “smaller” theme parks anymore. :rolleyes: I’d rather save my money for Disney, thanks!

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I agree also. Most of us DisneyHolics stay for more than one day and the savings is really in buying a multiday pass. Disney World is more than a theme park it is a total vacation destination. I live near Six Flags and I have repeatedly told my kids that I will gladly drive to Disney and spend the money than go to Six Flags. Disney is a sensational world all of its own!:laugh:


We went to Great America for one day. With meals (horrible tasting), drinks and tickets, we spent more than we would spend for a day at Disney. Never Again! I’ll drive 17 hours to get to Disney before I step foot in Great America again.

I get so annoyed when I tell someone I’m going to Disney, and their reply is “it’s so expensive.” Obviously, they’ve never done their homework. When you think about everything that’s involved to bring us this glorious entertainment, the technology, the personnel, the fireworks, etc., It’s worth every dime, and I would be willing to pay more to keep it that way.


i never thought about this until earlier this evening about how expensive it is to go to one of those little amusement parks compared to going to WDW. i know a lot of families can’t go to WDW so the only amusement they can bring to there kids is going to places like Keansburg.

i do have to say how ridiculous it is for GA to not let you bring in food and beverage because they want you to buy their food and beverage. rob bought a sandwich for us to split that was 10 dollars and it was pretty much two regular sized pieces of bread slapped together with 5 inches thick of corn beef along with potato and macaroni salad. i love it in WDW where you can pack a bookbag filled with snacks and bottled water and disney wouldn’t bother you. you save so much money by doing that.

you can do that when you go to these places like Keansburg but then you spend just as much money when the kids want to play those boardwalk type games where you spend three dollars for one ball to knock down the bottles and get a bag with little toys that you can buy at a dollar store. what kind of fun is that?


OMG, have you been to Enchanted Forest? I know you’ve at least driven by it since it is right off I-5! I was staying in Salem and thought it looked cute on the website. Soooo not worth the money spent!

Looking at it as spending $6 an hour makes it seem much more reasonable. And not only does Disney have great rides and shows, they are the only park that has the magic. No one can replicate that.

So while higher prices totally, completely stink, it is still so worth it!


Great Adventure, I haven’t been there since I moved here (from NJ) in '00. I used to pass it every day on the way to work (I got of the TNPK at 8a).

Um, yeah, when you run the numbers, sure, it’s competitive but it’s still expensive no matter how you slice it. And, two rate hikes by Disney in one year? That’s excessive.


DH and I were just talking about this yesterday. We went to the WI State Fair:
$9.00 parking
$8.00 DH admission
$8.00 my admission
$3.00 DS admission
all rides and games were either $4.00 or $5.00 for one person!
food was rather expensive (smoked turkey legs were $7.00)

We decided we’d much rather pay for a day at a WDW theme park and ride everything, as often as we wanted, for free. Besides, the rides are a bazillion times better at WDW. It’s a much better deal, regardless of how much the tickets go up!


Yes,it’s a good value,but more and more the average American family can maybe go once every 3-4 years,and with the way things are getting so much more expensive at Disney,it’ll only get worse!!(Guess Iger needs a new pair of socks!!!)


My issues is not that they raised ticket prices, but that they raised them twice in one year!!


im not balking about the cost to get in- but all of the changes that are going hand in hand with price increases. They take the dining plan and say that its more affordable and better but then take away a large selection of places. They offer the chance to use your meals on things like inroom and dinnershows but you have to spend in essence more than you would if you just pay for it- OK so does that mean that you dont go at all since you have already paid for your food? And you dont get to eat where you want in the parks- I can see someone who just does not know wandering aimlessly trying to find one of the “approved” counter service meals locations with hungry and tired kids in tow. Perhaps they are relying on ignorance being bliss- we just happen to be in the know…

I love the parks - I love that I can leave my stroller behind without fears. I love that the resorts are all around the parks and that we can just hop on a bus to get there. I love park hopping and I dont think I will ever stay off site again because it just was not the same. But when you look at all the price increases and not just the ticket price - it really makes me wonder how many more times Ill get to do this…


To be honest, I don’t think that Disney is priced high.

Great Adventure is almost $65.00 per day.
Dorney Park is almost $35.00 per day.

It is like everything else in this world, prices keep going up and up…
I noticed on the way into work today the Mobile station around the corner from my building is now $3.29 per gallon on regular unleaded.

Talk about a rate hike!


$65 for one day would be fine but for us its $1000 for airfare and $1000 for food and $1000 for the room (we have 4 kids and are being required to get 2) That is just for 5 days and not including the tickets to the parks… so if you add $65 times 3 adults ( because apparently an 11 year old constitutes an adult ticket and meal etc…) for 5 days (one for each park and one to have for fun) That is not including any extras. So far we have paid $180 for the pirates and princess party and $230 for WDD and $203 for Cinderella dinner… we have not even booked our package yet but have forked out close to $600 its just the whole trip is getting to be so much


That is true, but take into account it’s only a day trip.
I am spending $65 x4 or 5 - plus food (which Great Adventure a hamburge can cost you $10.00) plus gas to and from which is almost a tank. Then having to sit in the car almost 2 hours there and 2 hours back, then go home and be HOME…

Spend the extra money once every 10 years (like me) and spend a week with not having to make a meal, not having to do a dish, not having to talk to the VP from H E L L… it’s worth it for me…

WOOOHOOOO… love the avitar!


that would be why we dont go to silly parks around here - instead we save that and try and go to disney every 2-3 years. I cant see spending that kind of money for a one day deal… its stressfull and tiring and personally find it not fun

you like that? its my halloween costume from last year… I was “Britney Spears” and had “whos ya daddy” written across my belly- I was 9 mos preggo and delivered a week later


I don’t understand why we don’t hear of the other parks raising prices. It seams that the media loves to report about WDW. The price increase isn’t that much when you compare to what gas prices have done


Im actually a little worried about the cost to fly… that might get ugly and I still have a few months to wait for that to open up via southwest (cheapest for us)


Here’s my thought for the day …


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