Here's Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable!


As promised, here’s the 2 doing meet and greets along the Streets of America down San Francisco! Don’t they just look awesome! Now they aren’t advertised as meeting on a daily basis until after the holidays, so if you want to meet them before then you’ll have to keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Oh, and by the way, Rufus was riding the Tower of Terror. Trying to break the world record :happy:


That is great news, DD loves KP!


That’s an awesome picture!! Thanks for posting!!!


Hmmm… :huh:


Good Golly! Kim Possible is HOT! She may have to be a secret “Must meet” when I go in June.

"No really honey I watch the show with our daughter all the time . . . "
“I am not drooling its the sweat and humidity!”


haha! thats a great pic! wow, they sure have to find gals with flat teeny tiny little tummies! yikes!


May I just make mention that LaneysDad has just written something that every guy on this forum was already thinking?

Thanks LaneysDad for stepping up and being the spokesman for all of us. :tongue:


I love the Ron Stoppable - he reminds me of the actual cartoon Ron! :laugh:


:huh: Um…hello? He IS Ron Stoppable! The actual cartoon come out to meet and greet! :tongue: Remember, only the characters CAN BE THE CHARACTERS! :wink:

[QUOTE=Princess Tessa] haha! thats a great pic! wow, they sure have to find gals with flat teeny tiny little tummies! yikes!

:huh: Um…only Kim Possible can have a tummy like that because that was the way she was drawn. It’s impossible (pun NOT intended) for a human girl to be THAT tiny. Just like Jessica Rabbit. She has to be a cartoon because no human can be that tall and that skinny with those proportions LOL

I’ll say this one more time guys. THE CHARACTERS ARE REAL! IT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE (PUN STILL NOT INTENDED) FOR A HUMAN BEING TO BE A CHARACTER DUE TO HEAT, WEIGHT, AND OTHER THINGS! For more on my reasons they are real, please PM me. Thanks LOL :wink:


WOW! I even think Kim is hot…LOLOLOLOLOL


that’s so weird to see kim and ron like that. i was expecting the characters to sort of look like the incredibles, with the heads is what i mean. i didn’t expect them to be just people dressed in the costumes, like the princesses and princes. but, this is good to know that they are out there for the fans to meet them. thanks rowdy for posting a picture.


I was expecting more “cartoon-ish” looking characters too…but they look GREAT! DD will be so excited!
Thanks Rowdy!


:laugh: I am so sorry Rowdy…I knew that! Thanks for correcting me!


oh my goodness! OF COURSE! I don’t know what I was thinking :tongue:


OK you guys are really starting to confuse me. They ARE cartoons. I mean, only a cartoon would dress like that wouldn’t they? And when you place them against a celluloid background when they film their cartoons, their animation REALLY comes out. Tragic, Rich, help me here guys! :laugh: I’ll NEVER admit the characters aren’t real. There’s too much evidence to prove otherwise! :laugh:


Princess Tessa and I are helping you out…we admitted our mistakes. :biggrin:


I’ll admit my mistake too :angel:
(even though I have SOOOO many questions…but they would just get me in trouble!)


Yes you girls are, and I thank you :wink:

You have my attention rich LOL If it’s a question about characters then I probably already have an answer/explanation so go ahead and ask away LOL


Hmmmm…well just to play along I’ll ask two questions that I will probably get asked by DD:

  1. How can this be Kim Possible – doesn’t Christy Carlson Romano provide the voice for Kim?

  2. How come the other characters, such as Goofy :tongue: , don’t talk when you see them in the parks?

(Did I mention DD is 7 1/2 and too smart for her own good?) LOL


Very good questions. Here we go!

  1. Yes, Ms. Romano gave her voice to Kim, just like you gave half of your genes to your DD! See, most of the time a cartoon is a caricature of a person, and their look/shape will reflect the look/personality of the person who gives them their voice. But back to your DD, your DD is her own person and not you, even though half of what is you makes her existance. Kim has the voice of Ms. Romano, but she is her own cartoon. Kim Possible!

  2. Oh I hear this all the time. Of course they talk in the park. Since you mentioned Goofy, let’s talk about him. He talks in 2 of the 4 parades he’s in on property (MJJP and SpectroMagic), he calls thousands of guests every morning to give a wake up call. And that’s just a start. A character’s schedule is EXTREMEMLY time consuming. Goofy has shows, parades, TV Filmings, movies, events, wake-up calls, and so much more EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR. They have to save their voices for these events, so during “meet and greets,” character’s like Goofy are saving their voices for the parade in the afternoon, which he talks for 45 minutes WITHOUT A SECOND FOR A BREAK (surprisingly enough it’s his neck that kills him not his mouth), and other events that night and later that week. Also, so many people have so many questions that striking a conversation with a character could cause a huge line that would make a lot of guests very unhappy. Due to all these Mickey unfortunately put in a requirement about meeting and greeting. For the best of both the character and the guest. The characters who talk in the park? No offense to them, but they don’t have the killer schedule as most of the characters, and thus can take more of a time to talk to people while meeting and greeting.

Nice try rich. Got any more :tongue: