Here's our itinerary!


Arrive Oct 3rd, Saratoga Springs.
Go to MGM
Return to room in afternoon to dress for MNSSHP
PS for 5:15 at Liberty tree tavern.
On to the party at 7:00 pm. (lawwin & lilbrer) :pirate:
sjpurple and DH are going back to the room.
Oct 4th
Flame tree BBQ for lunch
Back to the room to swim in the late afternoon :sleeping:
Epcot World showcase in the evening
Illuminations (We may try the Rose & Crown Pub for Dessert)
Oct. 5th
Steam trains tour 7:15AM in MK
Lunch Cinderella round table 12:00
Back to the room in the late afternoon to swim.
Dinner at the food court.
Back to the Mk for The Spectromagic Parade and Wishes.
Oct 6th
Nothing planned all day
Whispering canyon for dinner at 5 PM
Oct 7th
Back to the room in the afternoon
MGM Fantasmic in the evening
Oct 8
Nothing planned
Do anything we missed

So what do you think??


Your plans look great. I like that you have plenty of down time to rest and enjoy WDW at the same time. DH will thank you for it. Whispering Canyon is a great meal. I loved it there. I may change CRT for lunch if it were my plans, but that’s just my opinion. You guys are going to have a great trip. I can’t wait for the trip report…I want to hear all about MSSHP!


I agree with Dana, having “down time” is so important. I would probably also change CRT for lunch, I would probably do a counter service lunch and then dinner at 'Ohanas. That way you could hop the monorail back to the MK for Spectromagic and Wishes. I liked CRT for the character breakfast, but I’m not sure if I would eat there otherwise. I found the food good but the real reason we were there was to meet Cinderella and the characters aren’t there for lunch or dinner.


We don’t eat a big breakfast and DGD said she didn’t want breakfast there. But she does like to eat lunch there. It’s her DGF first time to see WDW so she wants him to see the view from the castle. My DH will just will not go to Ohana’s.


You’ll have to let us know how the Train Tour is! I do not think that I have ever read a post on that tour. Have Fun! :laugh:


Part of having a magical vacation is trying to make loved ones happy. If your DGD wants her DGF to see the view from the castle than that’s what he should get. It’s sweet that she wants him to share an experience that is so special for her. Have great time!